Black Goldendoodle: 10 Things You Need to Know About This Rare Breed

Black Goldendoodle

There’s a very popular saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” or of a woman and everyone else. Which breed of dog you want to keep as a pet can vary on various things, such as their temperament, grooming needs, whether they’ll give an allergic reaction, etc. 

Black Goldendoodle, a designer dog made by crossing two breeds, can be called everyone’s best friend, even for kids, strangers, and other pets in your house. Therefore, it’s safe to adopt one for yourself and your family.

But before that, you should know certain things about this dog breed. You can barely go wrong when you make informed decisions! Besides, the black color of this breed is rare!

These Dogs Are Crossbred

If you think about it, Goldendoodles weren’t very popular before the last 20th century. This is because all of them, including the black ones, are a cross between purebred Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles. 

Genetically, Black Goldendoodles carry all the good characteristics from both the parent breeds, thus making them one of the most sought-after mix breeds. These dogs are also excellent for those with babies at home who want to adopt a friendly dog. 

If you want to adopt one, mini goldendoodle breeders carry this breed in all colors and fur types. You can also learn about a Black Goldendoodle’s characteristics and how to care for one. Be prepared to invest extra time and bucks in this little fellow, which will be worth it. 

Goldendoodles With Black Fur Are Rare

While they are highly in demand, Black Goldendoodles are rare! The cross between their parent breeds results in brown, cream, or red commonly. However, the rare occurrence of both breeds carrying a black gene can give birth to beautiful Black Goldendoodle puppies. 

As puppies, they will have completely black, thick fur. However, their fur may lighten over the years as they grow, but that’s not bound to happen for all of them. The breeder you’ll get your pet from can give you insight.

An interesting fact about these Goldendoodles is that they’re bred by crossing second or third generation one with a Black Poodle, which means the color dominantly comes from the poodles. This way, there’s a high chance their offspring will mostly be black Goldendoodles if not all of them. 

They Can Have Different Fur Types

If you’ve seen dogs that look much like Goldendoodles but have a different fur texture, you may see a variation of the same breed. Their fur can vary greatly, not just limited to one kind. You can have a dog with a curly, straight, or shaggy coat. 

Even the curls can vary in them! But rest assured, you’ll get something resembling a teddy bear with luscious fur. Also, be ready to care for that fluffy puppy to protect the coat from any disease or infestation. 

They Shed Less

Good news for people with allergies and those who want to avoid shedding dogs: Black Goldendoodles shed little to no hair! Thanks to the parent breeds, whatever hair they shed is seasonal, so you don’t have to worry about finding dog fur everywhere. 

Goldendoodles are also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about frequent sneezes from dog fur every time your pet runs around you. This designer breed was made keeping people with allergies in mind so that their wish to adopt a dog can come true.

Black Goldendoodles Need Grooming

Even though they shed less, having a luscious coat means you must take care of it even more and probably invest a lot too. Their fur grows very long and thick, demanding a lot of care if you want to keep your pet healthy.

Giving your pet a nice haircut to make it short will help a lot, especially in hot and humid weather. Taking it to a pet stylist will help you achieve the best and safest results, reducing the risk of possible injuries and infections. 

Brushing your dog’s fur, no matter the texture, will eliminate dust and dirt build-up before the shower and stimulate blood flow. Also, regular showers will help keep your pet clean and healthy. Drying its fur properly is mandatory. Otherwise, a damp environment can attract many bugs you don’t want around your pet. 

They Have an Interesting Sleeping Pattern

Black Goldendoodles of all ages have interesting sleeping patterns. While most are known to sleep for long hours due to their active nature, some fall asleep when their owners go to sleep. This happens when they receive proper training on their sleeping schedule. 

Goldendoodle puppies sleep through most of the day. Like human babies, they sleep for at least eighteen hours a day until they’re four months old. Fully grown Goldendoodles sleep for twelve to fourteen hours a day.

Senior ones over seven years old sleep for fourteen hours or more. However, it mostly consists of naps throughout the day as they get easily exhausted from all their activities, making them stay wide awake at night.

If you want your pet dog to fall asleep quickly and on schedule, ensure it gets proper exercise daily. Also, train them to sleep whenever they go to bed. This way, you can tune its body to know when to sign off for the night. 

They Have a Friendly Temperament

Goldendoodles generally have an amiable temperament, and the black-furred ones aren’t any different. Anyone looking for a dog as a companion can easily adopt from this breed, as they’re kind and loving and enjoy human company.

Besides, parents with babies can adopt Black Goldendoodles without hesitation, as they get along very well with babies of any kind. They’re known to be very gentle, patient, and playful, making them safe pets to have around babies. 

Black Goldendoodles are very social, so you don’t need to be worried about their behavior in a crowd. They are also very friendly with other pets around. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about them feeling jealous when you show love to other pets in your home. 

They Tend to Suffer From Separation Anxiety

Although they’re friendly and don’t feel jealous about other pets receiving affection, dogs of this breed tend to suffer from separation anxiety. They can tend to be clingy and needy to their owners. Therefore, get ready for your pet to follow you everywhere, even in the bathroom, when you do the deed!

You have to ensure your dog is always surrounded by someone or something. Even if you can’t stay home most of the day, ensure there’s someone to take care of them, or you have other pets to keep them company. Or else, lack of social interaction can depress them, ultimately becoming destructive.

This, however, comes with a perk. Because of their need for attention and eagerness to please their owners all the time, you can train them effectively. You can also bond quickly with your Black Goldendoodle pet through these. 

They Are Rarely Picky Eaters

Black Goldendoodles aren’t known to be picky eaters. However, some owners have complained that their pups refuse their food bowls but will eat treats. Therefore, to determine whether your one is picky with its food, you must go through experimental phases and note the results. 

Goldendoodles are known to have a great appetite and eat about anything that you give them. Rarely will they complain about their food. However, you may end up with a very picky one by chance. In this case, a thorough checkup of your pet’s health is crucial, as an internal issue can affect its dietary habit. 

Their Sizes Can Vary

It comes as no surprise that dogs of this breed look like teddy bears, cuddly and soft. Like this widely loved stuffed toy, Black Goldendoodles can also vary in size. While you can carry some on your hands, others can be as tall as you when they stand up, or even taller!

While the weight of the mini ones can be between fifteen and thirty pounds, the weight of the large dogs in this breed can be up to a hundred pounds! Therefore, choose your pet wisely based on how much care you can give it. 

Final Thoughts

A Black Goldendoodle is a blessing to have as a pet. It’s perfect in every way, from being friendly and gentle to having an excellent appetite to sleeping great. You just need to ensure your pet has company all the time. 

If you’ve been considering getting one for some time now, go get one! You’ll need to invest a lot of time and money into its care, but it’s worth it at the end of the day. 

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