Corgi Mix Breeds – The Most Popular Mutts in the World

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Corgis are known for their cute loving nature and affection for their owner and family. Due to their human loving nature, they never get bored of pleasing or following their owner. These fun-loving dogs are not only intelligent but also have a royal lineage. Corgi features such as pointed faces, tall ears, cute butts, short legs (10-12 inches tall), and long bodies make them more adorable. Corgis are widely colored and can be black, white, tan, brown, cream, and copper-colored. Their weight ranges from 25 to 30 pounds. These are food-loving dogs that’s why they are susceptible to getting fat in old age. Their food-loving nature and intelligence make them easy to train.

With only slight differences, corgis are of two different types, i.e.

  1. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  2. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

What Are Corgi Mix-Breeds/Mutts?

Dogs with such great personalities and characters are crossed with other pups to get mutts (mixed dog breed) of desirable qualities.

Among both types, Pembroke welsh corgi is more common and frequently used to develop hybrids than the cardigan welsh corgi.  

Some might want a dog with the characteristics of Siberian husky and corgi. Some might desire to own a dog carrying the qualities of both Chihuahua or beagle and corgi, and the list goes on. So choosing the right breed to keep as a pet without knowing their characters can be a tough decision to take.

This article solely talks about the most popular corgi breeds in the world and their distinguishing features to help you make the right choice. Let’s dive in!

Popular Corgi Mix Breeds

We have devised a list of 16 world’s most popular corgi mix dog breeds. Being the pet of England’s queen and for their royal lineage, these are the most welcomed and charming dogs in the world. The list of corgi breeds is never-ending, but we have tried to mention the most popular ones to warm your heart. The list includes breeds of both types of corgi.

Auggie: (Mates: Australian Shepherd + Corgi)

The Auggie/Augie is a mixture of Aussie shepherd and corgi, and typically, the miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a little bundle of happiness and fun. Corgi and Australian shepherds are famous dogs, so their combination is also charming. As both of the parents are sharp-minded, so is the breed.

Auggie characteristics

  • Auggie is a small breed having a height of about 11 to 13 inches and weight ranging from 20 to 30 pounds.
  • Auggies is a herding dog, just like an Australian shepherd, but less stubborn and intense.
  • Auggies face looks like an Aussie shepherd, but their ears are like that of a corgi.
  • Most of the auguries are heterochromia (having different colors of eyes). Eyes can be either brown, green, or blue, or a combination of any of them, and they acquire this character from their Aussie parent.
  • Auggies inherit the eagerness of their corgi parent
  • Proper exercise and training are necessary for them
An Auggie – pic courtesy of Instagram

Horgi: (Mates: Siberian Husky + Corgi)

Horgi, also known as siborgi or horgski, is a mixture of corgi and Siberian husky. As both husky and corgi are well known for their joyful, mischievous and playful nature, their breed horgi, is also friendly, loving everything they face.

Horgi characteristics

  • Horgies are friendly nature-wise and easily get familiar with other animal pets.
  • They are not the best option as watchdogs
  • Once they get fully mature, their weight ranges from 20 to 50 pounds
  • Horgies with multi-colored coats (grey, black, cream, brown, white, and red shades), shed a lot and to seize their fur from increasing brush their coat once a week
  • Compared to their husky parent, they are much fluffy and shorter. Click here if you want a big fluffy dog breed.
  • Compared to their corgi parent, they are more athletic
  • Having the looks of a dwarven wolf, these mutts are soft-hearted
  • As offspring of energetic, intelligent, strong, and stubborn parents, they need a lot of exercise and training
Horgi - pic courtesy of indigosantos_puppy Instagram
Horgi – pic courtesy of indigosantos_puppy Instagram

Corger: (Mates: Boxer + Corgi)

Corger is a mixture of corgi and boxer and an energetic bred. His parents’ humorous and excitable genes have turned this mutt into a funny and caring dog.

Corger characteristics

  • Corger is a well-built, medium-sized dog with size ranges between corgi and boxer.
  • Boxer corgi mix mutt has various colors (like red, brindle, and fawn).
  • The life span of this breed’s parents is from 12 to 14 years.
  • Leaving them alone in the house is not a problem as independent dogs.
  • Without proper training, corgers are likely to get obese, so daily training is essential to maintain their health and fitness.
  • Compared to the corgi, the corger is more muscular and sturdy.
  • Corger’s coat is more like a corgi but has the colors of both of his parents.

Corman Shepherd: (Mates: German Shepherd + Corgi)

The Corman Shepherd breed looks just like a German shepherd but is dwarf. One may think that the combination of corgi and German shepherd is a bit odd as corgi is a fun-loving pup while German shepherd has proud features. But the Corgi German shepherd mix is a beautiful balance of characters from both parents.

Corman Shepherd characteristics

  • Corman Shepherd is a beautiful family pet with sweet, loving, and loyal nature.
  • Corgi and German shepherd breed can be stubborn if they are not trained properly during their pup stage, being intelligent, it’s easy to train this breed.
  • This breed has inherited his big and foxy-shaped head from his German parent, while the small leg feature from the corgi parent.
  • This breed has large ears, is bigger than a corgi, and is loyal and protective towards its owner, just like a German shepherd.
  • Corman Shepherd is a herding animal and an excellent guard dog.
  • The coat of the Corman shepherd is tan or dark brown with white speckles (sometimes) in it.
  • Corman shepherds must be fed with 2 to 3 cups of dry food to provide them with enough energy for everyday work.

Corgidor: (Mates: Labrador Retriever + Corgi)

Another one of the most popular breeds among families, due to their intelligence and friendly nature, is the corgi and Labrador breed known as corgidor. Labrador is the most famous pup in America due to their boundless loyalty, caring and sweet nature, and a good sense of humor. Combining these features combined with that of a corgi turns the hybrid pup into a well-balanced family dog.

Corgidor characteristics

  • This breed has a size of about 30 to 60 pounds.
  • As both of the parents do shedding frequently, so does the Corgidor, so it’s best to brush your corgi Labrador breed once a week.
  • The breed will become friendly with unknowns if it takes on the genes from the Labrador parent, but if corgis genes are dominant, then the breed will become more protective and unfriendly with unfamiliar faces.
  • One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Labrador corgi mix breed is his big ears.
  • As Labradors are available in a variety of colors, predicting the coat color of this breed is difficult. But mostly, the breed has a solid color like black, tan, red, brown, etc.

Beagi: (Mates: Beagle + Corgi)

The beagle and corgi breed is also known as corgle. As both of the parents are food lovers, so does this breed. They have a more favorable temperament with the hallmark traits and features from both parents. Aside from his love for the food, beagi is a wonderful pet, loved by everyone.

Beagi characteristics

  • Just like corgis, beagi also have short stature.
  • Due to the food-loving nature of beagi, you have to monitor their food otherwise, they will get fat.
  • Once beagi gets obese, he is vulnerable to diseases (like dysplasia)
  • Proper brushing is required as beagi also shed their hair
  • Both beagi parents are well known for their stubborn nature. So to make beagi sweet and obedient, train and socialize them properly
  • Beagi is also noisy, just like one of the parents (beagles)
  • Beagi are also known for their erect curly tail and droopy ears
  • The coat of beagi is smooth and has an earthy tone of both parents (tan legs, white chest, and black body)

You may find the beagle-pug mix an interesting breed.

Rottgi: (Mates: Rottweiler + Corgi)

The cross between Rottweiler and corgi results in Rottgi, also known as corgweiler. This cross combines the adorable features of both parents, like the beautiful physique of a corgi and the independent nature of a Rottweiler. This breed acquires the superior traits of its parents.

Rottgi characteristics

  • Overall, Rotgi acquires physical features of corgi like shape and ears, but they have the head and body color of a Rottweiler.
  • Due to Rottweiler’s temperament and nature, this breed is a good watchdog and is mostly used for protection.
  • He might get offended by unknown persons, but once his owner gets familiar with strangers, he will also accept it
  • Moderate exercise is enough for Rottgi compared to other corgi mix breeds.

Spitzgi: (Mates: Spitz + Corgi)

Another rare corgi breed (spitz and corgi cross) resembling wolf is Spitzgi. Spitzgi is just like a smaller corgi but with an extra fluffy coat, making him an adorable pup.

Spitzgi characteristics

  • Spitzgi have large and pointy ears.
  • Spitzgi have a different fur color (depending totally on their spitz parent) with long hairs. It can be black, white golden, or brown.
  • Spitzgi are feisty dogs and barky in nature.
  • Spitzgi is one of the best watchdogs due to their barky nature.
  • Due to their stubborn nature, you might get irritated by them.

Corgi Pit: (Mates: Pitbull + Corgi)

Corgi pit is less frightening and aggressive compared to Pitbull. Due to the bad reputation of a pit bull, most people avoid it but breeding it with a corgi has turned this dog into a soft heart pup. So if you are afraid of pit bulls, try this breed for a better experience. Corgi pit resembles a lot his pit bull parent more than a corgi. But these are also short, just like corgis.

Corgi Pit characteristics

  • Corgi pit is not only rare but also a newly introduced breed. So it’s better to have this pup from a breeder, ensuring that you have a healthy dog.
  • This breed may cost you 5 to 8 hundred dollars.
  • Being an intelligent pup, it’s easy to train them, but you should remain strict while training to get their respect.
  • Just like his pit bull parent, this pup also has stocky built and is more muscular than a pit bull, and like his corgi parent, he has a long muzzle.
  • The coat color of a corgi pit can be a combination of different colors such as red, brown, white, black, cream, or stripy combination. The fur is short and is close to their faces and skin.
  • Depending upon any parent’s dominant genes, the corgi pit’s ears can be tall and floppy or shorter and pointed.
  • This breed is more susceptible to skin allergies, but with proper medication, it is easy to deal with it.

Golden Corgi: (Mates: Golden Retriever + Corgi)

Among others, the corgi has also been mixed with the golden retriever due to their popularity. Among many other corgi breeds, this hybrid is improving its rank. Golden corgi is so friendly, easier to train, calm, and very loving, and these features make them near to perfection. A golden corgi would be the best choice for you if your house or apartment is small.

Golden Corgi characteristics

  • In terms of appearance, this breed looks like a golden retriever but is reduced in size.
  • Golden corgi weighs about 40 to 50 pounds, but this may fluctuate depending upon the variation and size of the parents.
  • Both parents are incredibly loving in nature and loyal so their breed. Golden corgi also has the traits of their parents.
  • Golden corgi easily gets along with other animals, making it easy for you to have other pets.
  • They have thick and long hair, so brushing regularly and proper care is essential.
  • Just like their golden retriever parent, this breed also inherits golden fur with white splashing (like corgi).

Chorgi: (Mates: Chow Chow + Corgi)

Of all the corgi breeds, chorgi is the fluffiest one. As we know, a corgi is a happy-go-lucky mutt, while chow chow is overprotective, verified gentlemen, and serious by nature, so the overall personality of chorgi can be a mixture of both.

Chorgi characteristics

  • Their body is much smaller compared to the chow chow.
  • As chow-chow is quite agile and has tremendous speed, so does their breed acquire these characteristics if genes of chow chow become more dominant. It requires strict training to turn them into obedient dogs.
  • The breed may also get dominant by genes of corgi parents and turn them to be herding dogs, being protective in nature
  • Their skin coat is very thick and long
  • Chorgi are loved for their beautiful blue-black tongue.

Porgi: (Mates: Pug + Corgi)

Pogi is a combination of those two breeds that have a royal lineage and would win the heart of anyone. As we know, corgi remained the pet of England’s queen; similarly, the pug enjoyed the obsession of the Chinese emperor. Putting together these will result in a pup with unique features.

Porgi characteristics

  • The stature of the Porgi is stout and sturdy and has goofy-looking eyeballs.
  • Porgi love to sleep but also maintain a healthy bond with their master.
  • The most interesting feature is that they are quiet dogs, making them a good choice for the apartment dweller.
  • If porgy inherits the flat face just like a pug, then be ready for noise because, by the night, the pup may get snorer and snuffer by the day.

Coroodle: (Mates: poodle + Corgi)

The poodle is France’s national dog, but it belongs to Germany. The swimming abilities of poodles are excellent that’s why in the past, people have used poodles for duck hunting. While corgis are guardians by nature. So the cross of these two dogs results in a hybrid known as coroodle or corgipoo, which is sweet and friendly with a little touch of stubbornness.

Coroodle characteristics

  • Coroodle has tremendous stamina and can exercise for hours.
  • More interestingly, this breed mostly takes over the hypoallergenic curly coat of their poodle parent. Although they are not totally hypoallergenic, they cause less irritation, making them a good choice for people who are allergic to dogs.
  • In terms of color, they can get any color from any of their parents.
  • Coroodles are tiny and chunky dogs.
  • This breed is cordial and active but also mischievous if we talk about temperament.

Chihuagi: (Mates: Chihuahua + Corgi)

This breed brings forward the jolly-natured corgi and Chihuahua’s blind courageousness. if we talk about Chihuahua, it is the smallest dog breed, and Chihuagi or chigi is also small. Chihuagi is friendly towards other pets. Overall they are an excellent pet having a bit flavor of aggressiveness.

Chihuagi characteristics

  • If Chigi inherits Chihuahua genes, it can be feisty.
  • Chihuagi has a small head (apple-like head) just like Chihuahua.
  • The ears of Chihuagi are big and triangular in shape, and the snout is narrow.
  • Their fur is thicker, and their legs are short.
  • The life span of a Chihuagi is 12 to 16 years.
  • If not socialized, they will turn barky.
  • Daily training of 1 hour is compulsory to overcome their aggressive behavior.

Border Corgi: (Mates: Border Collie + Corgi)

The Hybrid of border collie and corgi, border corgi or Borgi, is one of the best herding dogs on the list, adding the intelligence of border collie and the small size of a corgi. Their sweet, calm, gentle nature makes them a good option for home companions.

Border Corgi characteristics

  • This cute mutt has no or few health issues, which increases its life span to about 14 years.
  • Border corgi’s herding behavior can be problematic if kept in-home, but proper training can overwhelm such behavior.
  • The border corgi looks like a smaller border collie.
  • Border corgis have short legs and long ears, just like their corgi parent.
  • Border corgi mostly take over the black and white markings of their border collie parent.
  • Borgi is a very energetic dog. Train them daily to limit their energy.

Corghund: (Mates: Dachshund + Corgi)

Looking for a more captivating dog? This may be the one. Breeding corgi and dachshund results in the hybrid corghund or dorgi, which is sharp, warm-hearted, and staunch. Dorgi loves to spend with his master and family.

Corghund characteristics

  • Corghund is likely to be noisy and barky, just like his parents.
  • Corghund breed having smooth hairs only requires little grooming, while the breed having long hairs sheds a lot and requires brushing once a week.
  • Corghund acquire characters of their parents, such as short legs and elongated bodies.
  • To prevent them from getting bulky moderate exercise is compulsory.
  • Dorgi comes in a variety of colors depending on from which parent it inherits the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Corgi mixes good dogs?

The qualities such as cuteness, intelligence, loving nature, and being more energetic make them excellent options to be kept as pets.

What dogs are mixed to make a Corgi mix?

To get dogs of desirable qualities, the corgi is crossed with Australian shepherds, German shepherds, poodles, chow chow, huskies, Labrador, beagle, spitz, Rottweiler, and many more.

Do Corgi dogs bark a lot?

Simply put, yes, they bark a lot, and it depends upon several factors.

How long does a Corgi dog live?

The average life span of a corgi is between 12 to 15 years. However, some Corgis have lived up to 15 years or more. Factors affecting Corgi’s lifespan include diet, exercise, and genetics.

How much does a mixed Corgi cost?

The price range of a corgi is from 400 to 4000 dollars depending on where you buy it.

What is a Beagle Australian Shepherd Mix?

Read our article about the Beagle and Australian Shepherd Mix.

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