Dachshund Mix Breeds – 32 Examples of Best Dachshund Mixes

Dachshund Mix Breeds

Hailing from German, Dachshund is an iconic short and stout dog breed also known as sausage or badger dog. Dachshunds are available in a wide array of colors and textures. In America, it is among the top 15 famous dogs. These popular dogs have long bodies, floppy ears, and short legs and are naturally independent and stubborn. Dachshund purebred is available in 2 sizes 1st one is Miniature Dachshund and 2nd Standard Dachshund as well as many Dachshund Mix Breeds.

Wondering what are Dachshund mix breeds?

The vibrant personality, athleticism, and adorable look of the dachshund have attracted most breeders to mix them with other breeds so that people can enjoy the traits of two breeds in a single one. Most probably your dachshund mix will be intelligent. While adopting a dog, keep one thing in mind, both the dog and owner should have a perfect match so that both can live happily.

If you are looking for a wiener dog mix breed that can perfectly fit in your family but don’t know a single thing about them. To help you out here’s a list of the most famous dachshund mixes along with their traits so that can you make the best choice according to your needs.

Top 32 Popular Dachshund Mixes

Following 32 eye-catching adorable dachshund hybrid breeds will blow your mind and you will not be able to resist any one of them.

1. Docker (Progeny of Cocker Spaniel / Dachshund)

Achieved from dachshund x cocker spaniel, Docker is sweet and smart and will be a beautiful addition to your family.


  • With long bodies, floppy ears, and short legs, Dockers are small to medium-sized dogs overflowing with affection and loyalty
  • The coat of the dachshund cocker spaniel mix is just like the dachshund parent and hair can be either long, short, or curly.
  • They are about 12 inches tall with a little flavor of stubbornness having a daily exercise requirement of 30 to 60 minutes

2. Chiweenie (Progeny of Chihuahua / Dachshund)

This temperamental but brave breed of chihuahua and dachshund is a good pet for urban dwellers.


  • Chiweenie, having either short (like a beagle) or long hair, is the smallest breed on the list and can easily thrive in an apartment
  • They can be a little aggressive and training can be hard, be strict with them from the start
  • This breed is good with adults not with small children due to their temperamental issue
  • Despite being stubborn, they establish a healthy bond with their master

3. Dox-Bull (Progeny of Pitbull / Dachshund)

This lively breed of pitbull and dachshund, known as box-bull or pitwee or doxiepit, can easily fit in any home and are excellent guard or therapy dogs.


  • This chunkier clever breed has the elongated body, short legs, and coat (short, long, or curly-haired) of a dachshund and head of a pitbull
  • These loyal pouches are overprotected and can attack anytime if feel any danger
  • Due to their stubbornness and sensitive nature, proper training and socialization become compulsory (minimum 45 minutes)

4. Jackshund (Progeny of Jack Russell Terrier / Dachshund)

Jackshund or Dach Russell has a big personality just like its parent jack Russell terrier and dachshund and are good for any sort of family.


  • Jackshund can be as large as 8 to 23 inches with a weight between 15 to 18 pounds and can live from 12 to 15 years
  • This small-sized dog is energetic and barky and loves to be surrounded by family members
  • Jackshund are strong-willed, playful, and persistent easily get along with children, and don’t require a much-experienced owner

5. Dachsador (Progeny of Labrador Retriever / Dachshund)

Dachsador, a friendly and laid-back breed of labrador and dachshund, is also known as doxidor or labshund.


  • Dachsador are medium-sized pups with an easy-to-take care coat, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Dachsador are little packets of energy that can be fully active or remain reserved and are adaptable to all kinds of living space
  • They are more immune to any health issue and tend to become the alpha in the home so proper training is necessary (45 to 60 minutes)

6. Dorkie (Progeny of Yorkshire Terrier / Dachshund)

Dorkie, a cute small breed of Yorkshire and dachshund, is just like a little toy and can follow you anywhere.


  • This super tiny breed has the shape of a dachshund and the color of Yorkshire can attain a height of 5 to 10 inches with a weight of no more than 12 pounds
  • Dorkie have hypoallergenic and require minimum maintenance but are a little possessive about their food and toys and sometimes they can strike back
  • They can fit in any kind of home or apartment and require much little exercise

7. Doxle (Progeny of Beagle / Dachshund)

Doxle or cheaglehund is an ultimate combination of dachshund and beagle, both of which are affectionate dog breeds.


  • Doxle is the super friendly and energetic family dog and their height and weight depend upon the dachshund parent
  • Their coat comes in all shades of brown, white, and black having a fine, wiry, or straight texture with a little maintenance requirement
  • Doxles are protective and loveable (requiring a lot of attention) and sometimes can be over possessive but proper training and socialization can mend this nature

8. Golden Dox (Progeny of Golden Retriever Dachshund)

Crossbreeding of one of America’s loved dogs with a dachshund has resulted in this hybrid known as golden dox or goldenshund.


  • Golden dox is an extremely sharp, loyal, and gentle soul just like Dachsador but more reserved and easy to train
  • Golden dox can be medium to large, slightly bigger than other dachshund mixes, and have medium to large coats, which can be smooth or wiry and golden in color
  • They are barky and heavy shedders but overall are good family pets

9. Dameranian (Progeny of Pomeranian / Dachshund)

This adorable Pomeranian and dachshund breed, known as dameranian or doxie pom, is another small dachshund mix on the list.


  • just like their parents, these superb family pouches tend to be medium to smaller in weight and size, having medium to long thick coats with plenty of maintenance requirements (heavy shedders)
  • Dameranians are affectionate and social by nature which makes them excellent lapdogs and requires a lot of attention
  • They are prone to separation anxiety if left alone. They are clingy and remain happy with the owner

10. Dachshund Shepherd (Progeny of German Shepherd / Dachshund)

Despite differences in the sizes of both breeds, (dachshund and German shepherd), their crossbreed has average size and is known as dachshund shepherd or doxie shep.


  • Dachshund shepherds can be as tall as german shepherds but their weight varies from small to medium and require enough space to roam and play
  • Their activeness makes them excellent traffic guard dogs having a double-layered coat
  • These energetic beasts are loyal and social and love to spend time with the owner and family members

11. Daug (Progeny of Pug / Dachshund)

This small hybrid of pug and dachshund is an affectionate, cuddly, loyal, and sharp dog known as daug.


  • Daug is a medium-sized pup having a big round head, curly tail, wrinkled face, and a long body
  • Doug has a short hair coat (smooth and curly) which sheds moderately, making them low-maintenance pups
  • Daugs are food lovers and vulnerable to obesity and skeletal issues. Supervise their diet and exercise properly
  • These cute lapdogs love to sleep all day and also love children

12. Toy Rat Doxie (Progeny of Rat Terrier / Dachshund)

This moderately active crossbreed of dachshund x rat terrier, known as toy rat doxie or rat doxie, i.e., a blend of 2 small energetic breeds.


  • Toy rat doxies have a fearless demeanor, long snouts, long bodies, sharp noses, a love for chasing, and can grow as tall as 18 inches, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Due to their small size, they adjust in any house and love to be surrounded by people
  • They have a flexible temperament, sometimes they are affectionate and easy to handle, and sometimes stubborn and handy

13. Basschshund (Progeny of Basset Hound / Dachshund)

Basschshunds, super relaxed pups, are a breed of dachshund x basset hound, also known as base hunds.


  • Basschshunds, medium-sized pups with long floppy ears, are gentle, bold, and independent hybrids.
  • They can be as heavy as 25 to 25 pounds and can live up to 15 years
  • With a slicker brush, you can keep their shedding under control as they are prominent shedders and also has a foul smell so they need to bath daily
  • These barky dogs only obey alpha personality, so be strict with them during training

14. Doxie Cairn (Progeny of Cairn Terrier / Dachshund)

Doxie cairn is a goofy furball of cairn terrier and dachshund. These fluffers will never bore you.


  • These barky and stubborn hybrids can inherit the personality traits from either parent but they take on the cairn’s curly coat
  • Doxie cairns are loyal, lovely, and playful companions but they have a strong drive to hunt, putting your other pets at risk
  • They can adjust themselves to any living space making them the most adaptable breed on the list

15. Border Weenie (Progeny of Border Collie / Dachshund)

Border weenie is a lively active hybrid of border collie and dachshund also named Dollie. These hybrids are very shy.


  • Border weenies are very loyal and clever pups and will never bore you. They need proper attention if they get bored, their destructive behavior can damage your furniture
  • They are shy of strangers and are a little stubborn, which can only be diminished through socialization
  • In terms of appearance, they can be like their either parent but mostly dachshund genes dominate

16. Boxer Dachshund (Progeny of Boxer / Dachshund)

As their name suggests, it is a blend of dachshund and boxer. Doxie boxie is another name given to them.


  • Boxer dachshunds, medium-sized dogs with short coats (easy grooming), are splendid guard dogs. They are a bit larger than dachshunds
  • just like parent breeds, these are aggressive and stubborn but proper training by an experienced trainer or owner can make them lenient
  • They never show a dull moment and are great family dogs but for other pets they are nightmares.

17. Great Dane Dachshund (Progeny of Great Dane / Dachshund)

Great dane dachshund or great wiener is a crossbreed of dachshund and great dane. This designer dog breed is very rare and you will need to search hard to get one.


  • Great Danes, medium-sized dogs with short coats and long bodies like dachshunds, are very gentle, playful, and loyal souls.
  • They love to play with children and never get bored with them
  • The best thing is that they have short hair and require minimal grooming

18. Doberman Dachshund (Progeny of Doberman / Dachshund)

Doxie Dobie or Doberman dachshund is another lovely, loyal and playful breed obtained from Doberman and dachshund.


  • Doberman dachshund can grow up to 9 inches in height and they can gain a weight of 32 pounds
  • In terms of temperament and personality, they are just like their parents i.e., loyal, affectionate, protective, alert, cuddly, and playful
  • Despite being short-haired pups they are heavy shedders and require high maintenance. Brushing them daily is mandatory.

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19. Shethund (Progeny of Shetland Sheepdog / Dachshund)

Shethund is a breed of 2 working parents i.e., Shetland sheepdog and dachshund. This smart dog can easily fit into any bust family.


  • Shethunds are energetic smart and loyal and have the appearance of a Shetland sheepdog but legs of a dachshund
  • These steadfast dogs are very jolly and love to do any task assigned to them
  • They do inherit the prey instinct of the dachshund and the overprotective nature of the Shetland sheepdog which can be controlled through training

20. Papshund (Progeny of Papillon / Dachshund)

This very rare and elegant breed known as Papshund is a combination of dachshund and Papillon.


  • Papshunds are very loyal and gentle and have long bodies of dachshunds and butterfly-type ears if papillon. They are 9 to 11 inches tall and can gain weight up to 18 pounds.
  • They get along with kids very easily and seek much attention from their masters. These small dogs are great lapdogs
  • They are vulnerable to obesity if their diet is not checked properly and may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone

21. Schweenie (Progeny of Shih Tzu / Dachshund)

Schweenie is an intelligent and excellent family pup, resulting from the cross of dachshund and Shih Tzu.


  • Schweenie, a non-hypoallergenic breed, can have short, medium, or long hair which may be shiny or rough
  • These small dogs with huge hearts require moderate grooming and maintenance.
  • Schweenies have short snouts which can cause them breathing problems.
  • They can easily get offended by small children if not properly trained. But they establish a strong healthy bond with their master

22. French Bull Weiner (Progeny of French Bulldog / Dachshund)

This blend of 2 famous smart and clever dogs (French bulldog and dachshund) has resulted in the French bull wiener or frenchhund.


  • The coat type of French bull wieners depends upon their dachshund parent and have short snouts
  • With other pets French bull wiener is super friendly, but due to their chasing nature they are not good for families with small children
  • Socially they are very strong and are not shy of strangers and make strong and healthy bonds with others

23. Dusky (Progeny of Siberian Husky / Dachshund)

Dusky is also a rare hybrid of Siberian Husky and dachshund. This lovely breed always tries to please its master.


  • A Dusky’s size can be smaller just like a dachshund or medium just like a husky. They possess erect or droopy ears
  • Proper socialization of dusky is recommended if there are children in the home, as it is stubborn and a little aggressive
  • Duskies are clever and playful and have high appeal in the canine kingdom
  • They only listen to alpha personality at home and require a lot of attention

24. Miniature Schnoxie (Progeny of Miniature Schnauzer / Dachshund)

Miniature schnoxie or Merle Schnauzeris a small breed of dachshund and miniature schnauzer. It is more even-tempered than the other two breeds.


  • Miniature schnoxie has a small sturdy body with a coat of miniature schnauzer, which means that Miniature schnoxie can be hypoallergenic
  • They are strong on the social side, easily interact with strangers, and make strong bonds with their family members
  • This low-maintenance breed is eager to learn new tricks and are quick learners too, making it easy for owners to train them

25. Doxie Pin (Progeny of Miniature Pinscher / Dachshund)

The most sensitive breed on the list is the doxie pin which is obtained from miniature pinschers and dachshunds.


  • Doxie pins are a little taller than their dachshund parent and can grow as tall as 13 inches and are recognized by the various dog registries
  • Doxie pins take on the long body and short legs of a dachshund but the tail and coat (medium in length) of a miniature pinscher
  • This timid, sharp, and quiet breed is a good family pet and is available in different colors such as black, tan, or brown.

26. Dachsweiler (Descendant of Rottweiler / Dachshund)

Dachsweiler is a strange combination of Rottweiler and dachshund but the hybrid is good compared to dachshund.


  • As both the parent breeds are quite different from each other, their hybrid can take on the appearance of any of their parent but mostly they have long bodies with heads of Rottweiler
  • Do well with children and become a great family pet if Dachsweiler is socialized properly
  • Towards their owner and family members, they are a little possessive and show their love and affection to them

27. Bo-Dach (Progeny of Boston Terrier / Dachshund)

Do dach is another loveable companion resulting from dachshund x Boston terrier and they are not shy to show their love for their master.


  • Do dach can grow to a height of 10 to 15 inches with weight ranging between 10 to 25 pounds
  • Do dach have a little streak of stubbornness but still, they get along with children very easily and can also adjust themselves in a small apartment
  • These barky and super excited dogs are manageable in terms of maintenance and have little exercise requirement.

28. Mauxie (Progeny of Maltese / Dachshund)

This hybrid of Maltese and dachshund is loved by all dog lovers and is known as Mauxie


  • Mauxie, a low-maintenance breed, is a delightful, faithful, adaptable breed that is easy to train
  • Mauxie can sustain the coat of its dachshund or Maltese (having silky fur) parent
  • To maintain the health condition of the coat, regular brushing and grooming should go hand in hand

29. Dalmachshund (Progeny of Dalmatian / Dachshund)

This highly active breed of dalmatian and dachshund is known as dalmachshund or dachmatin.


  • Dalmachshund are strong, active, strong-willed, and playful pups that have a unique dapple coat (with sleek short hair) which makes them quite different from other breeds
  • This breed can grow to a height of about 15 inches, and require moderate exercise and playtime
  • Dalmachshund are low shedders and require minimum maintenance but they are not hypoallergenic
  • They are prone to vertebral disk diseases and deafness

30. Doxiepoo (Progeny of Miniature Poodle / Dachshund)

A cross between a miniature poodle and dachshund has resulted in this super smart and exponentially clever breed known as doxiepoo or doodle


  • This small to medium-sized breed has a coat of poodle which means they are minimum shedders with low maintenance and are hypoallergenic
  • They are a little stubborn and mischievous, and training can easily reduce this behavior
  • Doxiepoo is an even-tempered, fun-loving energetic breed, and has a lot of variation in their appearance

31. Dorgi (Progeny of Corgi / Dachshund)

These cute little mutts obtained from corgis and dachshunds are known as dorgi


  • Dorgies, social loyal and friendly dogs, have plump long bodies with short legs and are loyal to their master
  • They have medium-sized coats and are low shedders which means easy maintenance
  • These tiny furballs are easily trainable and are barky (like giant woofers)

32. Shiba Dox (Progeny of Shiba Inu / Dachshund)

Shiba dox is a healthy but resilient breed of Shiba Inu and dachshund. This combo may look strange but in terms of temperament, it has won hearts.  


  • Shiba doxes are prone to obesity so daily exercise is necessary to sustain their health
  • They inherit the spunky nature of their parent which can be controlled through training and socialization
  • These pups are easy to maintain and love to go outside with you
  • These energetic beasts are not good for small apartment dwellers and don’t do well with other pets  

Frequently asked questions

Is a Dachshund mix a good dog?

Most dachshund mixes have playful temperaments and are friendly, these things make them good family pets

Is Dachshund mixes hypoallergenic?

These are non-hypoallergenic. But these small to medium-sized dogs are moderate shedders so these will produce very little dander compared to large dogs.

Do Dachshunds bark a lot?

Yes, because dachshunds are hunting dogs and they do bark a lot

How big will a Dachshund mix get?

Dachshund mix height range between 5 to 15 inches and they can gain weight from 11 to 30 pounds.

What is a Doxiechon?

This cute and spunky breed is a combination of dachshund and bichon frise.

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