14 Stunning Doberman Mix Breeds

Doberman Mix Breeds

In Europe and America, the Doberman pinscher has become a common breed, Known for its intelligence, fearlessness, and athletic physique. Dobermans can weigh almost 100 pounds. They are confident and brave on the field and are excellent guard dogs. Despite being loving and caring in nature, proper training and socialization are necessary to make them obedient. They are the world’s 5th most intelligent dogs, and this advantage has made them easy to train.

A tax collector in Germany named Louis Doberman was the original developer of this breed. As his job of tax collection was not that safe, he came up with the idea of developing a loyal dog for his protection and ultimately engineered the Doberman pinscher breed. Dobermans’ actual ancestors are unknown, but most historians say that it is a mixture of a German shepherd, Rottweiler, tan and black terrier, and many other dog breeds.

What are the Doberman mix breeds?

Like many other dog breeds, Dobermans have been mixed with other breeds to create new generations of healthier dogs with better temperaments. The resulting offspring will have a mixture of the characteristics of each parent breed. Some of the most popular mixed breeds include (Doberman x German Shepherd), (Australian Shepherd x Doberman), (Doberman x Rottweiler), and (Doberman x Bulldog), Aussie Mix etc.

As Doberman is a loyal guard dog with outstanding physique and qualities, crossing them with other loving dog breeds can develop a breed with mixed features of both breeds and a wider gene pool.

Most of the Doberman mixes have a coat that is long and curly, retaining the black and tan color of Doberman. By mixing them with other breeds, Doberman’s protective and loyal nature can be strengthened or sweetened.

14 Stunning Doberman pinscher Mix Breeds

Here is a list of some best-known purebred Dobermans mixes to let you know more about their features and qualities so that you can make better decisions when choosing one for your family.

1. Doberman Shepherd: (Doberman Crossed with German Shepherd)

The Doberman German shepherd mix is a combination of two breeds that belong to Germany. German shepherd and Doberman pinscher share many qualities, such as being hardworking, protective towards their family, and intelligent. As a result, these qualities will be more enhanced in their breed. The Doberman shepherd stands strong as a great family dog in the list of loyal dogs.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman German shepherd mix has more muscular build-up than its parents.
  • German shepherd Doberman mix can weigh anywhere from 90 to 100 pounds and from shoulder to paw. They weigh about 22 to 26 pounds.
  • Doberman shepherd inherits the coat color from its Doberman pinscher parent.
  • This designer dog inherits facial characteristics from their German shepherd parent.
  • As both parents are energetic dog breeds and hardworking, their offspring fit better in an active home.
  • If the Doberman shepherd takes on Doberman genes, he will be more protective towards his family and property, but if it takes on German shepherd genes, he may get attached only to his master.
  • Doberman German shepherd mix is a moderate shedder, and brushing once a week would be enough.
  • Training and socialization are compulsory to make them obedient.

2. Doberalian: (Doberman Crossed with Australian Shepherd)

Doberalian, also known as Auberman Pinscher, takes vigilant personality traits from his parents, i.e., Doberman and Australian shepherd. As both of the parents are hardworking, so does their offspring. This puppy’s playful, kind, gentle nature and tremendous working abilities will win your heart.

Personality Traits

  • In terms of shape, the Doberman Australian shepherd mix is just like his Doberman parent but comparatively more minor.
  • The weight of a Doberalian can be between 50 to 90 pounds.
  • Doberalian can have eyes of different colors (possibly blue) just like his Aussie parent, giving them a unique and charming look.
  • Being a hardworking, energetic, and intelligent dog breed just like his parents so to lower his energy level by exercising for 1 to 2 hours
  • They can be destructive and nuisance in the home without proper exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation.

3. Rotterman: (Doberman Crossed with Rottweiler)

Regarding temperament and looks, Doberman and Rottweiler are quite similar, and their breed Rotterman is also a defensive powerhouse. Rotterman establishes firm binds with his family members and the owner, just like his Rottweiler parent. Proper human interaction and attention are essential to turn them into great house pets.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman Rottweiler mix will have black and tan color and marking like his parents.
  • Rotterman has rounder face compared to his doberman parent and thinner snout than Rottweiler parent
  • Rottermans are healthy, big, vigilant dogs weighing around 60 to 135 pounds.
  • If Rotterman takes on his Doberman parent genes for affection, leaving Rotterman alone can cause separation anxiety and depression. That’s why Rotterman is also called Velcro dog.
  • Training and socialization are necessary to prevent them from becoming unruly and disobedient.
  • Being big and a robust companion Rotterman requires firm handling. Only a firm and experienced dog owner can handle them properly.

4. Englishman: (Doberman Crossed with English Bulldog)

Another name for Englishman is Doberman Bulldog, and this breed was achieved by crossing between English bulldog and Doberman. Due to the calm nature of the English bulldogs, which mostly dominate over the aggressive nature of Doberman, this Doberman mix breed is also relaxed and chill in nature.

Personality Traits

  • A Doberman English bulldog mix is just like a Rottweiler in appearance, having the exact coloring and markings, i.e., black and tan color with tan markings (just like Doberman).
  • Englishman inherits the face of his English bulldog parent, which is brachycephalic, leading to multiple health issues. Consider this before getting Englishman.
  • This Doberman bulldog breed can range from 50 to 90 pounds. Due to the chilled-out genes of his English bulldog parent, which usually dominates, the Englishman is not a good guard dog.
  • They can turn bulky, having body sizes that of Doberman and English bulldog.
  • Early socialization and a decent amount of training are essential.

5. Beagleman: (Doberman Crossed with Beagle)

As the name suggests, it’s a mixture of beagle and Doberman pinscher. The calm and cool temperament of the beagle makes them a good dog breed to cross with Doberman to get a hybrid dog of mixed qualities. Beagleman is courageous, passionate, and curious but not as intense as Dobie.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman beagle mix not only takes on the defensive genes of Doberman and the howling nature of his beagle parent, making them a perfect watchdog.
  • In terms of shape, Beagleman are as large as a beagle but have the color of a Doberman
  • Beagleman will let you know anything inappropriate happing before them through howling.
  • Beagleman is a healthy dog ranging from 40 to 80 pounds.
  • If they inherit the food-loving nature of beagles, then uncontrolled eating can lead them to become porky.
  • Doberman beagle mix doesn’t require much maintenance and grooming, but plenty of exercise is compulsory.

6. Doberlab: (Doberman Crossed with Labrador Retriever)

This hybrid of Doberman and Labrador retriever is known as Doberlab or Doberdor. In America, Labrador is the number one dog. One of the main reasons for the labrador’s popularity is his friendly and playful nature. While on the other hand, Doberman is a brave, protective, guardian in nature and alert dog. So the Doberlab can take on one of his parent’s nature.

Personality Traits

  • Regarding physique, the Doberman labrador retriever mix is a strong and large dog breed.
  • Doberlab has a much leaner body compared to labrador, with muscular built, weighing from 60 to 90 pounds.
  • If Doberlab takes on his labrador parent’s gene (jolly nature), he will not be an excellent guard dog.
  • But if Doberdor takes on his other parent genes (Doberman), Doberlab can be protective and possessive towards their family.
  • Usually, Doberlab retains the tan marking and black and tan color of Doberman.
  • Just like a labrador’s thicker coat, the coat of this hybrid is thick.
  • During their shedding month, Doberlab will shed a lot, while they shed moderately for the rest of the year. Daily brushing is recommended for proper grooming.

7. Doodleman: (Doberman Crossed with Poodle)

Known by two names, i.e., Doodleman pinscher or doberdoodle, this hybrid inherits the intelligent and proud characters of both his parents (Doberman and poodle) with different looks. Both of the parents of Doodleman are top-ranked (5th) for their obedience and smartness. This Doberman cross is perfect for you if you don’t desire a watchdog.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman poodle mix can be like Doberman in shape, having a poodle’s curly coat.
  • Depending on Doberman, they lean more towards grey or black coat color.
  • As a standard poodle breed, their weight can be between 40 and 90 pounds.
  • Regarding obedience training and smartness, the Doberman is considered one of the best Doberman mix breeds.
  • Doberman mix breed is hypoallergenic compared to other mixes and much easier to bear.
  • Dobermans being clever and intelligent, are highly trainable and can quickly learn tricks.

8. Doberhound: (Doberman Crossed with Greyhound)

A cross between greyhound and Doberman results in Doberhound or grey Doberhound. Both breeds are opposite in character and temperament, i.e., Doberman is intense while greyhound is a playful puppy. But both of them are athletic, leggy, and very active dogs. Greyhound is less burly and much skinnier than Doberman.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman greyhound mix has built of a Doberman, but the waist is tiny, and thighs are well shaped, which makes him an excellent active dog.
  • Doberhound dogs are race dogs with more agility, power, and quickness than their greyhound parent.
  • To keep them healthy and super fit, deerhounds require extensive training.
  • Being a large family dog, Doberhound weighs between 60 to 90 pounds.
  • The life span of a deerhound ranges from 10 to 13 years. Doberman has sleek and short hair, so he requires less maintenance.
  • Due to greyhound genes, they possess tons of energy, requiring a good amount of playtime.
  • Just like their Doberman parent, they also sustain territorial instincts.

9. Vorderman Collie: (Doberman Crossed with Border Collie)

Vorderman collie’s parents lie in the top five cleverest breeds in the world. Like his parent collie, he also possesses herding traits and can be used as a herding dog. For most pet lovers, Vorderman is the apple of the eye.

Personality Traits

  • Like other Doberman pinscher mixes on the list, the Doberman collie mix will also sustain Doberman’s coat color and marking.
  • The coat of Borderman is long, with hairs spreading around his neck and big ears.
  • Mainly the weight range of this breed is 40 to 90 pounds.
  • They have an average life span of 10 to 15 years.
  • The smartness of the breed makes their training easy, and they are fast learners and aggressive towards strangers. But this behavior can be diminished through proper training and socialization.
  • To keep them busy and refreshed, mental stimulation is necessary.

10. Dobsky: (Doberman Crossed with Siberian Husky)

Based on sizes and shapes, the Siberian husky is one of the most famous breeds among designer dogs. Its mixed breed with Doberman, known as Dobsky or Siberian pinscher, is also an elegant and popular dog. This large-sized mixed-breed dog will require a large space to roam freely.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman Siberian husky mix can be as tall as 28 inches.
  • Dobsky’s weight can be between 40 to 90 pounds from shoulder to paw.
  • Dobsky takes on the fluffy coat of his husky parent and sheds it all the year.
  • Dobsky color is just like his Doberman parent, while the color of his eyes is blue, just like a husky.
  • Being on the list of more energetic dogs, the husky Doberman mix can be a good member of a busy family and need plenty of exercise.

11. Goldman: (Doberman Crossed with Golden Retriever)

Goldman breed combines one of the most aloof and friendly breeds, i.e., Doberman and golden retriever. Despite being very different in personality from a golden retriever, Goldman is a quick learner and quickly makes friends after realizing that stranger is not a threat, making him a wonderful family pet.

Personality Traits

  • Taking the coat of a golden retriever, Golderman’s fur is fluffy with the coat color of a Doberman.
  • Goldman’s coat is very thick, having a medium length, which is why they are moderator shedder throughout the year but will shed exponentially during the shedding month.
  • The coat color is like Doberman but less intense with a golden shade.
  • Goldman ranges between 55 to 90 pounds in weight.
  • The average life span of Goldman is 10 to 12 years.
  • Being intelligent dogs training them is not hard.

12. Wolfman: (Doberman Crossed with Irish Wolfhound)

Wolfman is an eye-catching rare, and wonderful dog breed on the list derived from Doberman and Irish wolfhound. If you are looking for a giant loyal companion, look no further; consider this one.

Personality Traits

  • Of all the dogs around (including the great dane), the world Irish wolfhound is the tallest, and so does its breed. So the Doberman Irish wolfhound requires a large area to play and roam.
  • Wolfman dog will retain the color of Doberman but much darker than Doberman with tan markings.
  • Wolfman possesses a wiry coat and weighs between 70 to 110 pounds.
  • Irish wolfhound hunting instinct and the protective nature of Doberman are incorporated in Wolfman. Also, Wolfman has a strong prey drive.
  • It’s essential to properly train and socialize them to prevent their overprotective behavior and to turn them to be respectful and obedient toward their master.
  • The longevity range is 6 to 12 years.

13. Doberbull: (Doberman Crossed with American Pitbull Terrier)

Regarding guardian nature, this breed is the most expected one on the list. Other than Doberbull, this breed is also known by the Doberman pit name and is a combination of guardian features of the American pit bull terrier and Doberman. If you need an ultimate guard dog with cherished nature, your search ends here.

Personality Traits

  • Physical features can vary depending on which parent breeds they inherit most of their genes, but typically facial features of pitbull parents are retained with a body of Doberman.
  • Doberbull’s muscular build is like his pitbull parent and has the speed of a Doberman, turning him into an excellent guard dog.
  • The appearance of this Doberman American pitbull mix can be beefier, just like a pit bull, weighing between 40 to 90 pounds.
  • The coat color of the Doberbull is just like Doberman.
  • As both parents are more affectionate towards their master, so does their offspring.
  • Due to his loving human nature, leaving him alone is unsuitable for his health, and he is likely to suffer from depression.
  • Doberbull requires a consistent and firm hand to make them obedient.

14. Dobie-Basset: (Doberman Crossed with Basset Hound)

Dobie basset mix breed is one of its kind, the most unusual. One of the parents is silly-looking (basset hound) while the other is intelligent and elegant (Doberman), but overall it’s a great family pet.

Personality Traits

  • Doberman basset hound mix is just like his parent basset hound but a little bigger and taller than them.
  • Dobie basset’s body is long with shorter legs but with the same color as Doberman.
  • These little fellows are usually loyal. Intelligent, compassionate, and friendly with kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was crossed to make a Doberman?

The exact lineage is not known, but this breed is thought to be a mixture of black and tan terrier, Rottweiler, German pinscher, German shepherd, and many other species.

What dog breeds are similar to Dobermans?

The dog breeds that look similar to Doberman include German short-haired pointer, Vizsla, Rottweiler, Australian kelpie, Weimaraner, Miniature Pinscher, Beauceron, and Pharaoh Hounds.

Are Doberman mixes good dogs?

Dobermans are protective and have territorial instincts, but mixing them with other dogs of sweet and kind nature will result in a perfect dog, good for you and your family.

Why are Doberman tails cut?

The tail of Doberman pinschers is slim and weak. Due to this reason, their tails are vulnerable to damage or breaking. To prevent this painful experience, their tails are docked.

Is Doberman smarter than Bernese mountain dog?

Doberman is the 5th clever dog in the world. Only a german shepherd, golden retriever, border collie, and poodle stand above it.

Do Doberman bark a lot or springer spaniel?

As Doberman is known for his protective nature and springer spaniel is a watchdog, both breeds bark a lot.

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