15 Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

Dog Breeds That Whine a Lot

Are you looking for dog breeds that whine a lot? If so, this is the blog post for you! We will talk about the 15 most talkative dog breeds so you can find your perfect dog breed.

While some dogs have a natural tendency to bark a lot, others may excessively bark due to poor training, trauma, or lack of stimulation.

A dog that has had proper socialization from being a puppy is less likely to bark at every dog that passes by.

Why does my dog whine all the time?

There are a number of possible explanations for why your dog may be whining all the time.

It could be that they are trying to communicate something specific to you, or it could simply be a sign of distress or anxiety.

If your dog has suddenly started whining more than usual, it is important to take note of any other changes in their behavior or routine that could be contributing to the problem.

If your dog is whining excessively and you are unsure of the cause, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for help in troubleshooting the issue.

Some dogs just like to howl!

Most talkative dog breeds that whine a lot

Some dogs use all kinds of noises such as barking, whining, and baying as verbal means of communication.

Working dogs tend to be the most talkative dog breeds, and while most working dogs make great family pets they still have the instinct to make dog sounds that some may find annoying.

Some dogs are more opinionated than others while some dogs barely make a sound.

So what are the noises you might hear from a dog?

The whine

In general, when animals whine, they usually crave something in this regard – food or something to please them.

Whining shows anxiety and fear as well. In a sense, a dog is suffering from whining.

If your dog is upset, coughing, and whining he has some kind of pain. The trick is to understand the context within which whine appears and what this means in the context of the whine. For instance, a dog whine in front of the door may be ready to go out and a dog afraid of visiting the vet may whine in the lobby.

The howl

Dogs who howl after a stranger leaves them might try to chat with people and howling among dogs seems to be contagious.

The Siberian Huskies use their howl to ‘talk’ with their owners.

Howling is a form of communication between the wolf and his pack of animals and dogs roar as humans do for the reason that they want to express a wide variety more than our present age can.

Dogs have also been known to express joy curiosity frustration and often other emotions through howling.

The growl

A growl could mean something like “I’ll bite you if you come closer.”. An unsettling sound means someone sounded something outside. He may feel that a strong grunt meant ’that i should stop hitting you but I will not bite you.’ A snarl that shows all.

Dog breeds that whine a lot

Some dog breeds are more prone to whining than others.

For example, herding dogs like border collies and Australian shepherds often whine to communicate with their owners.

Hounds, like beagles and basset hounds, may whine when they’re hunting or tracking prey.

Toy breeds, like Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas, sometimes whine out of excitement or frustration.

If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, be sure to do your research and find a breed that fits your lifestyle.

16 of the most talkative dog breeds

Let’s take a look at a few dog breeds that whine a lot.


Foxhounds are a type of hunting dog that was originally bred in England. They are known for their loud, distinctive whining bark, which is used to help track down prey. Foxhounds are also capable of running long distances and can cover large areas of land quickly.

Image courtesy of https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/english-foxhound/

Despite their hunting abilities, foxhounds are also popular as pets. They are loyal and affectionate dogs that bond closely with their families. Foxhounds are relatively low-maintenance dogs, but they do require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. They can be stubborn and strong-willed, but they are also intelligent and trainable.

Foxhounds make great companions for active people who enjoy spending time outdoors. They are not the best choice for first-time dog owners, however, as they can be challenging to train and require patience and consistency. If you are thinking about adding a foxhound to your family, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder.

Alaskan Malamute

These big, beautiful Alaskan dogs were originally bred to pull sleighs through the frozen north, which makes them huge, hearty, and extremely strong-willed.

Malamutes have no habit of barking but they ‘like to howl or grumble and howl.

Strong and energetic Malamutes need plenty of activity and mental stimulation. If you’re lucky, they’ll sing if you play music.

Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are the dog every dog wants: big-headed strong with one’s own fierce bark that makes nobody’s guess. However, they are also good at grumbling and whining they have to use all two of these techniques in order to give attention to their behavior.

They’ve long been the pick of breeds for police and military agencies but you could find them on our cozy couches. It’s a loyal, brave confident dog that will remain loyal and courageous. It’s the second most popular dog in America.

A German Shepherd dog
A German Shepherd dog


He’s the laid-back nobility hound type breed. Friendly and curious bloodhounds are ideal family pets and are the perfect dogs for work.

A sensitive smelling sense could be used to trace those who are hidden or have gone missing.

Similar to smaller Bassett Hounds Blood Hounds tend to howl when left alone or feeling anxious or left alone.

It’s louder, deeper and mournful, and more like the barks of the Basset Hound. The bloodhound is also recognized for its hunkering and mournful howls.

A Bloodhound pack
A Bloodhound pack

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a compact small-size dog and the 10th most popular dog in the U.S. Known for its long flowing silky coat Yorkies have a tendency to whine when they’re left alone.

Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terrier


The Dachshund was first developed in Germany as a working dog for hunts of rabbits and badgers.

Dachshunds are small dog breeds that have a bad habit of barking and whining when left alone.


Bassett Hound

According to the US Kennel Club, the basset hound is the 39th most popular dog race in the United States.

The Bassett Hound is laid back and almost relaxed in personality. They like their people and if you leave them alone in one yard you’ll probably be enjoying the mournful whistling in the backyard.

They are fantastic family pets and they have a relaxed-looking, even calmer-looking nature.

Bassett Hound


The American Kennel Club cites the chihuahua as graceful, charming, and sassy with a personality more like a bigger dog.

For such a small dog breed chihuahua loves to bark and whine a lot with high-pitched yaps.



Beagles were originally bred for hunting rabbits and other small game and are known as pack dogs.

Though still used as hunting dogs, the beagle now finds itself one of the most popular family pets in the US.

Beagles are known for their baying sounds as they can howl as loud as dogs three times their size. A beagle’s howl is unique and stands out among other dogs. It is much deeper and drawn out than the bark of most other dog breeds. Beagles are quite vocal and may whine a lot if not given enough attention

Despite their popularity with pet owners, Beagles can make a racket, from barking to howling they can be a very talkative dog breed.

A beagle howling


Pomeranians are the smallest among the spitz dogs but they show commands of a far larger dog. Even if their yapping isn’t too loud they still are persistent barkers that could be classed as nuisance barking by neighbors.


Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a sled dog that is made for hauling people and items over Arctic ice.

Naturally, Siberian Huskies being bred as sled dogs are energetic dogs who need a lot of exercise. They tend to bark loudly and can howl for a long time unless interrupted and are generally known as a whining dog.

Smaller than the Alaskan Malamute the Siberian Husky loves other dogs and would be happier curled by the pack in the snow.

Australian Shepherd

It’s part of the Aussie Shepherd’s DNA to herd and keep everyone in the proper place. To do this, they rely a lot on barking.

Even if your Australian Shepherd isn’t running the fields or guiding the flocks, don’t be surprised to see and hear them hard at work around the house and barking orders to anyone who will listen!

Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is a feisty, active, and vocal dog breed that needs regular exercise and mental stimulation to remain a manageable roommate and companion. Because of their temperament, they can become nuisance barkers.

Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are small dogs that are known for their dog show-winning coats and distinctive personalities.

They like to bark, a lot! They can be vocal dog breeds with high-pitched yapping skills.

The personality of these tiny pups is much larger than their size. They are extremely intelligent dogs and can be a great addition to any family and are playful dogs.

The only drawback is that these talkative dogs whine a lot when they are young. Therefore, proper training is needed to curb this behavior. Miniature Schnauzers also have a natural tendency to chase vermin and will bark a lot while chasing. If you can handle this problem, they make excellent pets because of their friendly and playful nature

West Highland White Terrier

The Westie as its known is a small terrier from Scotland.

Like most terriers, they are an active dog, can be stubborn, difficult to train, and prone to nuisance and excessive barking.

Miniature Pinscher

The proud, energetic Miniature Pinscher is known for its distinctive gait.

Min Pins are intelligent and are known as loyal loving dogs, though they do bark a lot at anything that catches their sight which can be very annoying.

Read about miniature pinschers.

Frequently asked questions

Why do dogs whine? Reasons Why Your Dog Whines and How to Stop It.

Various breeds of dogs share a common characteristic: they whine, bark, and sing. There are a number of different reasons dogs whine frequently.

In the majority of cases, it’s a way of communicating, both for you and the dog.

When a dog whines you will find several different reasons. These include;

  1. One common reason for dog’s whining is to get attention from their owners.
  2. An anxious dog may whine if they’re feeling anxious or scared, for example, if they’re in a new environment or around strangers.
  3. Some dogs whine because they’re uncomfortable or in pain, for example, if they have a stomachache or are hurt.
  4. Puppies often whine when they’re trying to communicate their needs, such as when they’re hungry or need to go to the bathroom.
  5. Dogs may also whine out of excitement or frustration, like when they’re trying to get your attention to play fetch or go for a walk.

How can I stop my dog from crying?

If you want to stop your dog from whining, the first step is to figure out why they’re doing it.

Once you know the reason, you can start to work on a solution.

If your dog is whining for attention, provide positive reinforcement when they’re quiet. This could include petting, treats, or verbal praise. If your dog is whining out of excitement or frustration, try to redirect its energy with a toy or game.

If your dog is whining due to anxiety or fear, slowly introduce them to the source of their stress and provide reassurance.

If your dog is in pain, talk to your veterinarian about possible solutions.

Puppies often whine when they’re trying to communicate their needs, so it’s important to be responsive when they do.

If you provide your puppy with food, water, and bathroom breaks on a regular schedule, they should stop whining.

What breed of dogs is the calmest?

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog in the United States, and it’s also one of the calmest.

Labradors are known for their gentle dispositions and trainability.

Other breeds that are typically calm include the golden retriever, bulldog, and Great Dane.

If you’re looking for a calm dog, be sure to do your research and talk to a breeder or veterinarian about which breed might be right for you.

Why is my male dog whining so much?

There could be a number of reasons why your male dog is whining.

It could be that he’s in pain, he’s excited or frustrated, or he’s trying to get your attention.

If your male dog is neutered, it’s also possible that he’s experiencing hormonal changes that are causing him to whine more.

Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s whining and see if there are any medical causes that could be causing it.

If not, try to figure out what might be triggering the whining and work on a solution. For example, if your dog is whining for attention, provide positive reinforcement when he’s quiet.

If your dog is whining out of excitement or frustration, try to redirect his energy with a toy or game.

If your dog is whining due to anxiety or fear, slowly introduce him to the source of his stress and provide reassurance.


Dogs whine for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is to communicate with their owners. Some dogs whine because they’re anxious or scared, while others do it because they’re uncomfortable or in pain. Puppies often whine when they need something, such as food or water. If you provide regular potty breaks and food and water on a schedule, your puppy should stop whining. Some dog breeds are more prone to whining than others, so be sure to do your research before adding a dog to your family.