Poodle Beagle Mix: Essential Information You Need

Poodle Beagle Mix - pic courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/p/CZf9Jq8Lj8d/

Are you looking for small, adorable, and designer dogs with the characteristics like the enjoying, gentle nature of a beagle breed and the cute, non-allergenic fur of a poodle? Then, you can’t get anything better than a beagle poodle mix. 

Without wasting any time, let’s explore this article to know some amazing facts about personality, traits, and temperament before adopting a poogle puppy.

I am sure that after reading this article, you will discover that you and your buddy are a perfect match made in hybrid heaven.

Poodle Beagle Mix: The Best Dog Breed For You

Poogle puppies are very loyal and curious like beagles and very smart like poodles. All this is because they inherit the physical traits, characteristics, and temperaments of their parents.

Some of the common names used for this mixed breed that you get as a result of the beagle poodle mix are:

  • Poogles
  • Beaglepoos
  • Beagledoodles
  • Beapoos

This adorable and intriguing beagle poodle mix has made waves since it was first bred in the 1980s Some of the most impressive qualities which made this breed very famous are:

  • Wavy coats
  • Affectionate temperaments
  • Adorable personalities
  • Shed very less

Easy to train

Poogle puppies are often small that typically weigh 15 to 25 pounds (approximately 6 to 12 kg) and are about 11 to 15 inches tall. These little beagles and poodle mixes make great family pets, especially for homes with children.

In addition to personality, traits, and temperament, this article covers almost everything that you should know when you adopt a poogle puppy such as:

  • Physical characteristics. i.e. size and appearance
  • Colors and coats
  • How to groom a Poogle?
  • Living Conditions
  • Training
  • Cost and useful tips about breeders

Before going into the details about poogle breed, I would like to share some information about the parent breeds.


Beagles are the famous puppies that consistently appear in the top 10 most popular dog breeds.

Origin and History

The Beagle breed is an amazing scent hound, originally bred in England in the 16th century, where it is known for hunting rabbits and hares. 

Beagle’s name is believed to be derived from the French word “loud mouth”. Being very laid back and happy, this dog can easily blend into his family’s life. 


  • Energetic
  • Needs daily exercise
  • Friendly with strangers
  • Excellent watchdog as he will let you know of everyone’s arrival
  • Likes to snooze in his afternoons
  • Expects attention and lots of tummy rubs


A poodle is an easily trained German retriever that is great at fetching waterfowl for hunters.

Origin and History

Despite being the national dog of France, the poodle originated in Germany. The name comes from the German word “pudel” or “pudelin”, which means “splashing on water”.

This breed was originally recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1887. Moreover, the poodles are the part of AKC Non-Sporting Group.


  • Extremely intelligent
  • Energetic
  • Curly and non-allergenic hair coat 
  • Less shedding
  • Loves to be the center of attention
  • Need a lot of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day to keep themselves happy
  • Likes to snuggle up on the couch when he’s done playing 
  • Moreover, poodles are friendly even to strangers


As you know, the poodle beagle mix can have the characteristics of either both the beagle and poodle parents, or they can be much more similar to one parent as compared to the other. Therefore, you should be prepared for any eventuality.

Now, we will discuss what to expect from poogle puppy, which is typically a balanced mix of both purebred parents.

Personality and Traits

Friendly Nature

Poogle dogs are very friendly because both the parent breeds, beagle and poodle are social animals. They get along well with both children and adults and prove themselves as great family pets. No problem with this pet when it comes to receiving guests.

If you take them for a walk in a dog park, they can easily become good friends with all the other dogs because of their ability to socialize with other pets and their owners. This should also improve your social skills.


Beagle’s loyal nature makes this beagle poodle mix very loyal to its owners. An amazing example of loyalty is shown by Snoopy, the most famous cartoon beagle of all time. He never leaves Charlie Brown’s side and is always by his side no matter what he’s doing. 

Owning a pet beagle poodle mix will let you experience the same level of loyalty. If you want love from your poogle dog, make him feel loved.

Love To Have Fun

One of the favorite activities of the beagle poodle mix is playtime. Whether playing with toys indoors or running around outside. 

Beagle poodles are good at entertaining themselves and they will always find a way for doing so. If they connect with you, then it is sure that you’ll enjoy playing with them too.

Attention Seekers

The poodle breed tends to be attention-hungry, and that carries over to the hybrids. If you neglect the beagle poodle mix, they will demand as much attention as possible from you and in whatever way they can. Otherwise, the poogle puppy can easily become depressed or anxious. 

For their good mental health, try to play with them as often as possible and always give them enough attention.


The hunting instincts of the beagle parents are also inherited in the beagle poodle mix. I have encountered them many times chasing animals like rabbits and hares, etc. 

Make sure to keep your small pets away from your beagle poodles such as guinea pigs or mice if you have any in your home. Otherwise, things can go haywire when they start hunting.


You can play pranks with your beagle poodle mix. When ignored, they tend to be playful. This is part of their behavior to get the owner’s attention. 

You can encounter different things like hiding random objects, playing excessively, ruining household items, etc. If you find yourself engaging in any of the activities mentioned above, then it may be the time to give your beagle poodle a few hours of playtime.

Size and Appearance

Poogles come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of their parents. 


His beagle parent comes in two different sizes:

  • Pocket size
  • Standard size

Beagles are typically 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh 15 to 30 pounds.


Poodle parents usually come in three sizes

  • Toy
  • Miniature poodle
  • Standard

Combining the three sizes, he can weigh between 6 and 70 pounds and are typically 8 to 20 inches tall.

Therefore, you should check the size of the poodle parents for your poogles from your breeder as the difference in size is quite large. 


Poogles are usually a mix of a standard-sized hybrid beagle and a miniature-sized poodle. So, a poogle will be likely about 

  • 11 to 15 inches tall 
  • Weighs 15 to 25 pounds

I suggest that you should check your poogle’s parents if the size is a factor in your decision-making process. So, that you can get an accurate idea of ​​your puppy’s growth potential.

Poogles are a small to medium-sized mixed breed, much like a cuddly canine ​​bear. Some of the physical characteristics of poogle are:

  • Large, dark, and round eyes.
  • Medium-sized nose.
  • Ears are longer than those of a poodle, but not as long as those of a beagle.
  • Underneath his coat, he has an athletic body.
  • Long tail that resembles a beagle.

Overall, a poogle’s appearance can vary significantly, even between puppies that are born at the same time and from the same female dog.

Colors and Coats

Poogle usually wears the traditional hunting colors of his beagle ancestry. There is a high probability that he could inherit the solid color of his poodle parent. There are a variety of colors that a poogle breed can inherit from his poodle parents, such as:

  • Black 
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Apricot

His coat is usually in the shape of a poodle’s curly hair, much like most Doodle mixes. Beagle poodle mixes shed much less hair as compared to beagles and other designer dogs.


  • Happy Dog – ​​Always wears a beautiful and cute smile on his face come rain or shine.
  • Fun and Playful – To make you laugh or play, he is always looking for games.
  • Attention Lover – If you don’t give him proper attention, there is a high possibility that he will become a diva doggo, so be careful. 
  • Intelligence – Thanks to his poodle influence, he is easier to train as compared to a beagle
  • Super Affectionate – Because of his neediness. 
  • Loves to laze in the evening – Thanks to his beagle gene, he has an off switch and can be used at night. If you love hanging out with your family and looking for a box-set companion for the night, poogle is the way to go.
  • Socializing – For a sociable family that has guests almost all the time, poogle is the best choice because of his friendly nature with strangers. 
  • Alertness – His big beagle mouth characteristic also means that he will alert you if someone is on your property.



Poogles may have curly hair similar to their poodle parents. The Beagle Poodle’s brushing requirements depend on whether it inherits a short or long coat of hair. 

  • Short coats – Brush every other day. Three times a week is the maximum. 
  • Long coats – Require more frequent brushing to minimize tangling.


  • Give your poogle bath once every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Both his parents are known to have sensitive skin, so gentle, and natural shampoos are recommended. 
  • To keep the coat clean and fresh, use dog shampoo. 

If you don’t have enough time to properly groom your dog, you can take him to the groomer for a thorough cleaning.

Other grooming routines such as nail clipping and eye and ear cleaning are the same as any other dog.

Living Conditions


As far as his living conditions are concerned, he is very adaptable. And he could live anywhere as long as he got his daily exercise. Ranging from a small apartment to a mansion, as long as he had someone to accompany him all day, he will be a happy poogle.


He is so relaxed and laid backenough that he can handle the over-excited hands of young children.

High prey appetite

Although he has ahigh prey appetite, he can live with other pets as long as he is socialized, but all the poogles are not the same.

If he has access to a yard, make sure it’s safe. Beagle-poodle mixes are more likely to inherit their parents’ high prey drive. There is a high probability that he picks up the scent of a neighbor’s cat and it can make him a speedy dog.


Training a poogle dog isn’t hard, but it’s not easy either. He is a very smart and energetic dog, inherited from his parents. So, start training your poogle as soon as you bring him home if you don’t want him to be rude and impudent. 

Overall, you are dealing with an adorable and highly intelligent dog breed with relatively short attention spans. If you can find a proper way to balance the two personalities, you will soon be able to train your beagle poodle dog into an obedient one.

It would be easy for you will follow the recommended tips stated below.

  • Learn to get their attention.
  • Expose him to as many unfamiliar people and animals as possible in a controlled environment.
  • To make him comfortable in different environments, you should also expose him to loud noises such as walking on sidewalks or vacuum cleaners.
  • Reward them for their good behavior.
  • Teach your dog to recognize you.
  • Ensure regular exercise.

Socialization plays an important role in building his confidence. Early training and instruction will increase the chances of a disciplined, respectful, and obedient puppy when he grows up.

Considering that the beagle poodle mix can suffer from separation anxiety, crate training is recommended. If you make him feel comfortable and try to give him a pleasant environment, he’ll jump right in and feel safe in his new home.

Cost and Breeders

Poogle dogs from reputable breeders average around $700 or more. Their price ranges between $500 to $1000. The Beagle poodle cross is a relatively rare and adorable mix breed when compared to Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. Therefore, their prices are much lower.

Useful tips about breeders

I would recommend that you should work with a reputable poogle breeder. Because they will do everything in their power to make sure that you will have a healthy and happy puppy. Moreover, they can issue you a health certificate and they also allow you to meet the puppies in person with their parents.

Puppy mills and backyard breeders don’t care about the health of their puppies, they are only interested in producing lots of puppies and maximizing profits. So, beware of such poogle breeders and try to avoid them.

Take Care!

Poogles are adorable, intelligent, and energetic puppies that will happily fit into most families. As long as he has time to exercise his body and mind every day and has someone to spend most of his time with, he will certainly be a happy puppy.

He can live in all kinds of environments. From living in an apartment to living in a large house, from families with small children to retired couples and also with other dogs and other pets. The beagle poodle mix puppies are ​​the jack of all trades and after reading this guide, you will be also happy that the Beagle Poodle Mix is ​​right for you as well.

If you like this article, kindly share it with your friends and other dog lovers. Moreover, you can also tell us in the comments if we had missed some useful information so that we can improve this article and make it more informative. Thank you!