Terrier Beagle Mix – All You Want to Know

Terrier Beagle Mix - All You Want to Know

Want to know some famous beagle terrier mixes? Wondering whether or not they are good family pets? What are their grooming, nutrition, and exercise requirements? Or what things should you be aware of about these mixes? This guide covers everything you should know before buying one of these mixes. Continue reading to learn more.

A beagle terrier is the combination of two pure dog breeds, i.e., a Beagle & a Terrier. These mixes have a variety of characteristics bearing the genetic traits of both beagles and terriers. The combination may vary as there are many kinds of terriers like:

  • Rat Terrier
  • Russell Terrier
  • Boston Terrier
  • Yorkshire Terrier

Both the beagle & terrier are excellent hunting dogs and have spunky personalities. No matter which kind of terrier is used, you’ll have good characteristics of both breeds: Small in size, Intelligent, Playful & loyal. Some mixed-breed dogs are athletic and have muscular agile bodies, while some are wire-haired or smooth-haired.

In this article, I’ll cover every detail regarding their character and nature. I’ll discuss Important exercises & training tactics. Risk factors involved in these mixes. Let’s dive in.

Some Famous Beagle Terrier Mixes

Let me 1st introduce you to some famous beagle terrier mixes you can get from the market.

Raggle (Combination of Rat Terrier & Beagle)

This rat terrier beagle mix is a small energetic designer dog having a strong prey drive (from the terrier parent). Compared to other beagle mixes, raggles require more socialization to subdue their hunting instincts. These are great companion dogs, best for single-dog homes.

They get aggressive with other dogs even after socialization.

Boglen Terrier (Combination of Beagle and Boston Terrier)

Boston Teagle, or beagle Boston terrier mix, was developed to create a breed with a bolder personality compared to the beagle. This charismatic designer dog is a perfect watchdog and has territorial instincts. I don’t recommend this energetic beast for busy owners or families.

These dogs are very cunning, sharp & easy to train, and love to show off new commands and tricks.

Borkie (Combination of Yorkshire Terrier & Beagle)

Borkies, little lap dogs, have their parents’ best physical and personality traits. This lively mixed breed can bring joy to any household. These retain the beagle’s floppy ears and Yorkshire’s textured coat. Like beagles, borkies are muscular with large round eyes of Yorkie.

Their lively personalities make them ideal playmates for children and great family pets.

Jack-A-Bee (Combination of Jack Russell Terrier & Beagle)

Jack-A-Bee or beagle jack Russell mix, developed in the USA, is one of the favorite terrier mixes for most dog lovers. This breed is brilliant, friendly, and independent. They have the face of a beagle and the body of a terrier.

They shed moderately and have minor maintenance requirements.

Beagle Terrier Mix Personality Traits

All beagle terrier mixes have different traits depending on which parent they inherit the most. Early socialization and training will turn them into great family pets. All the beagle terrier mixes have the following common personality traits.

A Terrier and Beagle
A Terrier and Beagle

Height, Weight & Size

These are medium-sized dogs with weights between 5-25lbs and can gain heights between 12 to 15 inches. You can carry them around without any issue.

Coat Type and Color

They have short thick coats and are available in various coat colors like black, brown, white, and lemon.

Amount of Shedding

All these mixes are minimal shedders and have little maintenance needs. Daily bathing is still recommended.


Beagle terrier mixes aren’t hypoallergenic. They are likely to cause allergic reactions.

Eyes, Nose, and Ears

They all retain beagle’s floppy ears and have almond-shaped eyes and dark noses.


Like their parents, these mixes are highly energetic, intelligent, friendly, and have a strong prey drive. Moreover, they are friendly to kids and new owners. They are good guard dogs.

Life Expectancy

They have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

What Is the Grooming Requirement of the Beagle Terrier Mix?

The short coat of the beagle terrier is easy to manage. Brushing once a week will be enough to maintain your dog’s hair. If it starts shedding heavily, you may have to do brushing daily and monitor its shedding. Other grooming parts are:

  • Cut their nails periodically, keep them short
  • Brush your buddy’s teeth to maintain dental health

What Are the Dietary Needs of the Beagle Terrier Mix?

The beagle terrier mixes are energetic beasts. So they require food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Consult your vet on how often you should feed your pet per/day. Most vets say two meals per/day are enough. While buying food for your dog, keep 2 factors in mind:

  • Age of your dog
  • Size of your dog

Choose food accordingly. Don’t overfeed your dog, as it’ll predispose it to dysplasia, obesity, and other health conditions. The following foods would be suitable for your pet:

Purina Overweight Management Select Blend

This food not only promotes weight loss but also regulates muscle growth. It’ll ensure your pet’s muscle development without fearing obesity. It’s best for beagle terrier mixes that require strong muscles with light bodies for continuous activity.

Purina ALPO Come & Get It

This food offers your dog nutrients along with delicious flavors. It is a mixture of veggies, pork, chicken, & beef taste that can please your dog. Essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients are also part of it to promote a more athletic body and healthier coat.

Pedigree Dry Dog Food-Beef and Lamb Flavor

This food is formed from real red meat and is more proteinaceous than other variants of pedigree food. It is perfect for your dog’s muscles. It also gives fatty acids and minerals to your dog’s coat.

Premium Performance 30/20

It is another food for highly active dogs (like beagle terriers), full of proteins. It has all the nutrients essential for your dog’s health and growth. It has calcium to strengthen the bones of your pet. Furthermore, its 3D DENTADEFENSE system minimizes tartar accumulation in your dog.

Victor High Energy Formula

This high-energy dog food is soy and gluten-free, making it easier for the pets to digest. It also boosts your pet’s immune system to minimize the chance of future diseases.

How to Fulfill the Exercise Requirements of the Beagle Terrier Mix?

Beagle terriers are energy beasts with hunting lineage. You’ve to indulge them in constant activity to expend their energy. You should have ample space so your dog can easily room & play around. You can also use some dog toys for your buddy’s enjoyment.

Some samples of dog toys are given below:

Trixie Dog Activity Toy Flip Board

This toy makes use of your pet’s high intelligence. This toy has several compartments where you can hide food or treat for your dog. While searching for food, your pet will figure out how to open these chambers. This toy will stimulate your dog’s mind and, reduce destructive behavior & boredom and feed him at the same time.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

It is a classic plaything for dogs. Your beagle terrier mix can spend several hours playing with this bouncy red rubber toy. This toy has a spot to stuff dog treats to boost the fun for your dog. It will provide your pet with a little reward after exercise. At the same time, it’ll teach them to work for prizes.

Ultra Rubber Ball- Chuckit

These rubber balls increase the fun of playing fetch with your terrier beagle mix. Once you throw or launch them, they bounce a lot, making your pet chase them around & letting them play. These bouncy balls also float on the water, making it easy for you to play with your pet in the pool. At the same time, it’ll train them to swim.

Ensure you always have this toy whenever out with your pet.

Terrier Beagle Mix Training

It’s better to understand the personality and intelligence of both beagle terrier mix parents before training them. Only this way can you comprehend the behavior of the mixed dog breed.


Beagles are very loving and friendly, but occasionally they can be relentless. They are trained to identify the alpha & obey the commands. They are very prone to distractions & at the slightest new stimuli, they’ll stray away. Training beagles require a lot of patience.


Like beagles, terriers also get easily distracted. They enjoy chasing moving things. It becomes challenging to maintain their attention while training. Trainers use treats & other tactics to capture their attention and teach them skills. Being intelligent, they quickly learn new skills.

Tips for Beagle Terrier Training

Overall you’ll have an active & wise pet with a short attention span. If you can master & adjust the personalities of parent breeds, you can train your beagle terrier efficiently.

To Help You, Here Are Some Tips:

Learn What Makes Them Excite

Before you start training, you’ve to know more about your dog. Find out what makes it excited and use that to seek its attention. Training your beagle terrier is not complicated but keeping it interested is harder.

Once you know their interest, you can sustain their attention longer.

Positive Reinforcement

When they successfully perform a trick, ensure to feed them treats. It will keep them motivated and work harder to learn more skills to get treats. It will reinforce positive reinforcement, and they’ll learn following your commands will yield their rewards.

Fulfill Their Exercise Needs

Beagle terriers are very active dogs. You’ll need to train them to ensure their mental and physical health. The more the activity better will be their mood. It will also keep their destructive behavior at a minimum. Training will reduce their stubbornness, making their learning easy.

Train to Obey

Their distractive nature makes their training a bit hard. Take them for a daily walk & make them used to a leash so that they don’t stray far. Allow them to meet strangers, lessening their aloof demeanor towards new people.

Is A Beagle Terrier Mix a Good Family Pet?

If you have decided to have a beagle terrier mix as your family friend, do not hesitate. They are loyal companions to have. Proper training & adequate care will turn your pet to be an excellent family pet and a trusty lifetime companion. Fulfill its needs to make it happy.

Here are a few reasons which make the beagle terrier an excellent family pet.

Guarding Nature

You and your family have its back to guard you. You can sleep without any worry at night, knowing your pet is there for your protection.

Safe for Your Family

You can trust a beagle terrier with your family. They are not only safe for your children but also entertain your kids while you are busy with other things. Once they get familiar with the whole family, they will love all of you. This feature makes them the best family pets.


Beagle terriers inherit the loyal nature of their beagle parent. You’ll have a fiercely loyal friend by your side who can go to any length to protect you. Fulfill its needs to make it happy.

Strong Bond with Owner

Beagle terriers create a strong bond with its owner. They are stress relievers & love to play and cuddle their owner after a long day. This pet will give you an unbeatable sense of happiness.

Highly Energetic

A highly energetic, perky, and active beagle terrier is a reasonable option for a busy family. This dog will turn your morning walk into a morning jog. They love to run & chase small animals.

Things to Consider Before You Opt for A Beagle Terrier Mix

Here are a few things I think you should consider before making any decision.

Health Problems

Beagle terrier mixes are vulnerable to certain medical complications, which might make you think twice before opting for them as pets. Review the medical history of your dog’s parents before buying one.

Common disorders are mentioned here:

Beagle Dwarfism

Generally, beagle terrier mixes are medium-sized dogs. If your pet looks more-smaller than average, it may have inherited the beagle dwarfism condition. This genetic disorder causes poor growth in your pet. Your pet will have shorter legs compared to other beagle terrier mixes.

Intervertebral Disk Disorder

In this condition, issues within the inner layer of the dog’s spinal column cause compression. This disorder can lead to:

  • Neck & back soreness
  • Decreased bowel control
  • Sensation concerns
  • Paralysis (worst case)

Do all the precautions to avoid this complication.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Issues with photoreceptors cause progressive renal atrophy. This disease can cause blindness in your dog. Your dog breeder detects this disorder before handing over your pet; he’d inform you about it. So you’ll be aware of future consequences.

Dogs can survive due to their sense of smell, even if they get blinded.


In this ailment, the dog’s optic nerve is harmed due to high pressure within the eye. It is caused by continuous draining & production of liquid known as aqueous humor. It will lead to blindness if not treated immediately. Symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Red & teary eyes
  • Cloudiness of the eyes

If you notice these signs, go for an immediate medical checkup.

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Beagle terriers have flat faces, so they are susceptible to breathing disorders like this. Their skull structure indicates a compressed nasal cavity to a certain extent, making breathing challenging. This situation gets worse when your pet goes out with you on a sunny day (due to heat)

Don’t overexpose your pet to heat, and keep him hydrated to avoid this situation.

Aggressive Behavior with Strangers

They have protective nature makes it tough to get along with strangers. They frequently bark at strangers, no matter if they are your guests. If you place them near the outside, they will bark at anyone who passes by your home.

It will cause unwanted noise for your family, making them uncomfortable.

Highly Intelligent

High intelligence is a double-edged sword. Your cunning pet will quickly read your behavior. If your pet doesn’t want to train, it’ll deny your commands. If you are an intolerant owner, this trait will irritate you.


Like its parents, the beagle terrier mix has intense hunting and prey drive. One drawback of this behavior is their distractability. If they find anything peculiar, they’ll follow it & abandon the task at hand.

They suddenly walk off from the owners. Many trainers and pet owners found this behavior very irritating during training.

Take Care!

You must keep them busy all day to avoid destructive behavior. These energetic creatures need mental and physical exercise to reduce their boredom.

I hope this article has guided you properly to make a good decision.

Which is your favorite beagle terrier mix? Are you proud of your pet? Are you facing any medical disorders with your beagle terrier?

Feel free to share your experience below (in the comment section). Share this article with your beagle terrier-loving friends.