Fascinating List of 14 Yorkie Mix Breeds

Yorkie Mix

Yorkies or Yorkshire terriers are most famous for their companionship, and this dog breed has grown in popularity and placed itself among the top 10 breeds of America. This small purebred dog overflowing with confidence stands as tall as 9 inches and weighs around 4 pounds. These sweet little energetic dogs love to have fun and show strong affection for their master.

Yorkie Mixes – a Designer Dog

Because of their pleasant temperament and handy size, Yorkies are the apple of the eye of many designer dog breeders, and they are frequently crossbred with many other dogs to create ideal lap dogs. These mixes are most popular in the designer dog world, and their number in society is increasing daily.

Looking for a new Yorkie mix companion but don’t know about them?

In this article, I have come up with a fascinating list of 14 Yorkie mixes to let you have a better idea about their quality traits

The Most Unique Yorkie Mixes

Keep in mind each dog has its unique characteristics, which make them different from others. Let’s explore unique Yorkie mixes that might become your next lap dog

1. Torkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Toy Fox Terrier)

A cross between Yorkie and toy fox terrier results in Torkie. This breed can adjust itself to many different environments. One of the parents is a perfect dog breed, while the other is an energetic, playful dog. These dogs are possessive and jealous of other pets. They love their master and don’t share them with anyone.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie toy fox terrier mix can incline towards one individual and make a strong bond
  • Torkies take on the activeness of Yorkie, and a toy fox terrier provides them endless devotion.
  • Torkies are also of small stature, just like their parents, and don’t weigh more than 10 pounds
  • These energetic, lively dogs have spunky and courageous personality
  • Due to their possessive nature, these dogs are not good with children
  • Just like Yorkie, these dogs also have small hair and require little grooming

2. Jorky (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Jack Russell Terrier)

Jorky or Yorkie Russell combines Jack Russell terrier and Yorkshire terrier breeds. This little energetic beast is independent.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie jack Russell mix can attain the height of 15 inches but has a big  bright personality
  • Despite being energetic, they also possess a very humble side for their owner, always trying to seek their attention and love
  • Jorky is a brilliant breed and, at the same time, very active and requires a lot of stimulation of both physical and mental nature

3. Carkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Cairn)

A cross of terrier breeds i.e., Yorkshire terrier and cairn terrier, resulted in a new hybrid known as carkie.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie cairn mix breed is bold, loving, high spirited with small stature
  • Carkie’s weight range between 10 to 15 pounds
  • If left alone, they become anxious and become overexcited when facing a new situation
  • Introducing them to new people can bring calmness to their nature
  • Despite their small size, these dogs are extremely good watchdogs
  • Carkies may not prove good for families with children but these hybrids form healthy bonds with their families who respect their boundaries
  • Carkies are brave and clever dogs that can only be handled by an experienced owner

4. Boston Yorkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Boston Terrier)

A cross between 2 outstanding dog breeds from old and new England took the shape of the Boston Yorkie. With their dynamic look and braveness, these mixed breeds are very faithful.

Quality Traits

  • One of the most loving traits of the Yorkie Boston mix is that they form a strong and healthy bond with their master and family
  • Boston Yorkie learns very quickly and tends to please everyone
  • These dogs are available in different sizes ranging from small to medium sizes
  • These floofs require the daily brushing of their long and shaggy coats
  • Due to their high intelligence, these dogs are highly trainable (making them obedient) and have a great working capacity
  • Boston Yorkie cannot handle the rough behavior of children and may strike back

5. Shorkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Shih Tzu)

Looking for a loving lapdog? This may be the right choice, a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkie known as shorkie. This breed is not delicate as others. Shih Tzu’s genes cover the outrageous temperament of Yorkies.

Quality Traits

  • Shih Tzu Yorkie mix is a playful, clever, and bright dog perfect for the person who lives alone
  • Loyalty is in nature of shih tzu mix, and they form a strong bond with their master
  • If proper care is not taken their coat will matt soon (high maintenance requirement)
  • Shorkie may get hit by anxiety and depression attacks if left alone but crate training at an early age can help them to avoid such experience

6. Yorkichon (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Bichon Frise)

Yorkichon or Yorkie bichon (crossbreed of Yorkie and bichon frise) is a popular lapdog in the world just like its parents and it’s difficult to overlook their personality and charm. This loving Yorkie mix is super adorable and besides looks, there is much more loveable about him.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie Bichon mix possesses all the traits of a good companion such as cleverness, caring nature, and loyalty
  • Bichon Yorkie mix was bred in America but his parents are from Europe, that’s the reason for their popularity in American states
  • Yorkichon has a high barking capacity and is a very active dog
  • They have fuzzy fur and shed a lot regularly brush their coats to maintain their lustrous look
  • Although they shed a lot but are hypoallergenic
  • Regular extensive exercise is compulsory

7. Corkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Cocker Spaniel)

Just like their name, these cute little dogs are very cute breeds of Yorkie and cocker spaniel. Just like its parents, it is also a perfect companion for all families.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie cocker spaniel mix can attain a height of 12 inches and weight of 15-20 pounds
  • This small dog breed having sturdy stature can handle children easily compared to others
  • This Yorkie mix has an independent mindset with a little flavor of stubbornness so make sure to socialize with them
  • Their coat can be of different colors and is dense, smooth, and long
  • As the cocker spaniel is a sporty and hunting dog so does its breed and requires a lot of fun time and exercise

8. Goldenshire (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Golden Retriever) 

Looking for a social butterfly? Then your search ends here. Goldenshire looks half Yorkie and half golden retriever. These energetic fur balls are fantastic, and love everyone. In obedience, intelligence, and working capacity, golden retriever stands higher than Yorkie.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie golden retriever mix is a medium-sized dog and often resembles a yorkiepoo in appearance.
  • Goldenshires take on the non-hypoallergenic double coat of their golden retriever parent, making them unfavorable for dog allergic owners
  • This breed is highly intelligent and confident and learns very quickly
  • Goldenshires are impatient and require adequate supervision and exercise

9. Yorkipom (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Pomeranian)

A mix of Yorkie and pomeranian, known as yorkipom or Yorkie pom or yoranian is the most petite Yorkie mix on the list, having a foxy appearance. If you are afraid of fragile dogs and cannot look after them properly, consider this one.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie Pomeranian mix can be as tall as 10 inches but are well-built and sturdy toy dogs
  • They can easily handle the rough behavior of small children compared to others
  • Due to the yorkipom’s bright and cheerful nature they make a strong bond with their master because of its pomeranian parent
  • This yoranian hybrid has independent nature and sometimes they can also be loud
  • To burn his extra energy, this breed needs a lot of exercise daily.

10. Yorkipoo (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Mini Poodle)

As the name Yorkipoo suggests, it is a combination of Yorkie and mini or toy poodle and is a sweet and gentle dog. One of the breeds (miniature poodle) is a working dog whose offspring also loves to run. This breed is not considered an excellent lapdog.

Quality Traits

  • The Yorkie poodle mix is a good option for all dog lovers as they possess a hypoallergenic coat and a bright temperament.
  • Yorkie poo is small in size and has variation in weight which can be between 4 to 15 pounds
  • Yorkipoo dogs are good for those who live in apartments but these dogs are loaded with energy and love to play around due to their sneaky athletic personality
  • Just like their intelligent parent (poodle) they are also smart, cunning, and need extra attention
  • Yorkipoo can easily get along with other pets and dogs and also with children after socialization
  • This breed (Yorkipoo) is the most popular of all Yorkie mixes and has a curly coat, brushing this curly coat is essential

11. Ratshire Terrier (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Rat Terrier)

Ratshire terrier is a hybrid of rat terrier and Yorkie. This breed is an excellent ratting dog in the canine world as both parents are skilled ratters.

Quality Traits

  • This Yorkie rat terrier mix has a high drive for prey as both of its parents are hunting dogs
  • Due to the high working ability of its parents, the Ratshire terrier is overloaded with energy
  • Ratshire terrier size range from small to medium and can gain weight between 10 to 20 pounds, comparatively higher than other breeds discussed here
  • Having a thick coat that requires a lot of brushing and this makes their maintenance high
  • A home without children is better for them and they are highly trainable

12. Scorkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Scottish Terrier)

Scorkie is a combination of two terriers i.e., one from Scotland and one from England, these dog breeds are filled with love and loyalty. 3 dog breed registries have already acknowledged them.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie Scottish terrier mix has charming delightful nature and possesses the temperament of an old man i.e., calm
  • They can easily fit in both small and large houses and show independent nature
  • These dogs are susceptible to negative behavior like digging if not given mental stimulation. To fill this gap give them proper training and dog puzzles
  • After socialization, they can easily get along with children but can bounce back if they felt any threat so provide them with proper exercise

13. Lorkie (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Lhasa Apso)

Lorkie is also known as Yorkie Apso is a breed of Yorkie and Lhasa apso. These Yorkie mixes can acclimate to any environment like home, small apartment, and even a farm.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie Lhasa apso mix breeds are an intelligent dog breed thanks to their parent’s genes
  • Lorkie takes on vigilant behavior from its Lhasa parent and this may turn them into a watchdog
  • Lorkies are not barky by nature but rather calm dogs. They only bark to attract their master and seek their attention
  • Lorkie need a lot of grooming as they possess silky and long hair
  • Leaving lorkies alone can cause them separation anxiety
  • Lorkies are one of the most admired lap dogs and don’t require plenty of exercises

14. Yorkie Pin (Mates: Yorkshire Terrier X Miniature Pinscher)

Yorkie pin, also known as minpinie, is a blend of miniature pinscher and Yorkie. Minpinie has a bold personality and is also known as the ultimate rat dog. These adventure-loving little fellows form healthy relationships with their masters.

Quality Traits

  • Yorkie miniature pinscher mix being a small dog can gain weight of 10 pounds or even less
  • Yorkie pin inherits the exuberance of Yorkie but the coat color is just like pinscher (black and rusty) with pointy ears
  • Train Yorkie pin from a young age to soften their stubbornness
  • Children are the absolute love of Yorkie pin and they love to play with them
  • The strong-willed nature of Yorkie pin can put them in trouble so train them properly

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a Yorkie live?

The longevity range of a Yorkie is 12 to 15 years. Female Yorkie lives almost 1.5 years longer than male Yorkie

What two dogs make a Yorkie?

There is no specific answer to this question as there are more than 25 crossbreeds of Yorkie. Some of the most popular mixes are Yorkshire terrier and Biewer Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian, Toy poodle, Chihuahua, etc

How much is a Yorkie mix?

The cost of a purebred Yorkie mix is anywhere between $1200 to $2500

Are Chorkies aggressive?

These small sweet little dogs are very affectionate, fun-loving, lively, and loyal but at the same time, they are a little aggressive.

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