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do beagles like swimming

Are Beagles Good Swimmers? Includes 5 Reasons why swimming is good for Beagles

A question that surprisingly gets asked a lot is, are beagles good swimmers, and do they enjoy being in the water? Most seem to think that Beagles don’t like swimming, but it’s generally not a view that I share. Some say Beagles are not natural …

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Baylee as a puppy sleeping in her crate

How Long Do Beagles Sleep For?

Have you wondered why your Beagle appears to sleep more than you? Or are concerned your Beagle sleeps too much or doesn’t sleep enough?    Beagles sleep between 10 to 12 hours per day. Beagle puppies, however, will sleep for much longer typically 18-20 hours per …

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Bracken the Beagle after eating

What To Feed A Beagle: A Complete Guide

If you have just adopted or are thinking of giving a Beagle a home, you may be wondering what to feed a Beagle? Beagles are active dogs with insatiable appetites. A Beagle has no limits when it comes to food. What and how much you feed a …

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Are Beagles hard to train?

Are Beagles Hard To Train?

Beagle’s have quite a mixed reputation when it comes to how hard they are to train. Maybe you already have a Beagle and training doesn’t seem to be working out for you. Or you are thinking about buying or adopting a Beagle but are unsure …

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Bracken and Polly chilling out in the shade

What’s It Like To Own A Beagle? 11 Things To Know Before Getting One

You may be wondering what it’s like to own a Beagle? Having a Beagle can be an enjoyable and life-changing experience. Beagles are loyal, loving dogs with an even temperament. Compact size with short hair, many view the Beagle as low maintenance. Add in that …

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