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Welcome to My Beagle Buddy, a haven for beagle lovers and enthusiasts around the globe. Created by Simon Wilson, this platform blossoms from the adventures, laughter, and boundless love shared with his two delightful beagles, Baylee and Bonnie. Here, you’ll find not just a website, but a community, a resource, and a home for all things beagle.

In the heart of My Beagle Buddy lies a commitment to sharing the joy and challenges that come with being a beagle parent. Simon, alongside Baylee and Bonnie, navigates the world of beagles, offering insights, stories, and valuable tips to fellow beagle owners and admirers. From the playful antics of Baylee, born amidst the warmth of Christmas, to the gentle grace of Bonnie, a celebrated Crufts finalist, the tales and lessons are as diverse as they are enriching.

Embark on this journey with us at My Beagle Buddy. Explore the multifaceted world of beagles, delve into comprehensive guides, and connect with a like-minded community passionate about celebrating and understanding these remarkable hounds. Your adventure into the world of beagles, filled with knowledge, support, and endless affection, begins right here. Welcome to the My Beagle Buddy family!

Our Story

In the heart of My Beagle Buddy lies the passion and adventure of Simon Wilson, a devoted beagle parent who embarked on a remarkable journey with his two beloved beagles. Founded with a desire to chronicle the joys and challenges of life with beagles, Simon’s vision quickly transformed into a vibrant platform for beagle enthusiasts worldwide.

The Genesis of My Beagle Buddy

Simon Wilson, leveraging his expertise as a website developer and SEO consultant, breathed life into My Beagle Buddy. It became a space to share the wealth of knowledge gained from his personal experiences and the collective wisdom of a growing community of beagle lovers.

Our Mission

At My Beagle Buddy, our mission is to create a warm and welcoming space for beagle lovers and owners from all walks of life. We believe in the boundless love, joy, and companionship that beagles bring into our lives, and we’re committed to celebrating and sharing these beautiful bonds. Our goal is to provide valuable insights, reliable information, and heartfelt stories to support and inspire the global community of beagle enthusiasts. Together, we embark on the journey of beaglehood, embracing the adventures, overcoming the challenges, and cherishing every wag, woof, and whisker-whisked moment.

Meet the Team

Simon and Baylee

Simon Wilson

Simon is the heart and soul behind My Beagle Buddy. At 47, his passion for beagles is unwavering, fueled by the love and companionship of his two beagles, Baylee and Bonnie. As a dedicated beagle parent, Simon shares his experiences, insights, and adventures, offering a helping hand to fellow beagle enthusiasts worldwide. Simon Wilson is the founder of Progressive Website Development Ltd, a UK based company. Simon's personal Linkedin page, Instagram, Pinterest.

Baylee the Beagle


Age: 8 Years Old
Special Day: Born on Christmas Day
Bio: Baylee is the playful and energetic companion who brought a world of joy and adventure into Simon's life. Born amidst the warmth of Christmas, her vibrant spirit and boundless energy infuse every moment with happiness and laughter. Baylee's love for exploration and play makes every day a delightful journey, leaving a trail of paw prints and cherished memories.

Bonnie the Beagle at Crufts


Age: 5 Years Old
Achievement: Crufts Finalist 2019
Bio: Bonnie, the gentle lemon beagle, graced the world with her calm demeanor and loving heart. A Crufts finalist in 2019, Bonnie's exquisite beauty and charm capture the hearts of all who meet her. Her gentle presence brings a soothing harmony to the adventures, complementing Baylee's lively spirit and adding a touch of grace to every escapade.

What We Do

  • Share Stories: Journey with Simon, Baylee, and Bonnie as they navigate the world of beagles, sharing tales of adventure, love, and learning. Immerse yourself in the narratives that paint a vibrant picture of beagle life, from playful antics to moments of quiet companionship.
  • Provide Insights: Benefit from Simon’s firsthand experiences and insights as a dedicated beagle parent. Discover practical tips, thoughtful advice, and innovative solutions to enhance your beloved beagle’s well-being, training, and care.
  • Celebrate Beagles: Join us in celebrating the delightful world of beagles. Explore galleries, read features, and connect with a community that deeply loves and admires these remarkable hounds.
  • Offer Support: At My Beagle Buddy, we’re here for you. Find answers to your questions, seek guidance on beagle care and training, and receive the support and encouragement you need as you journey through the world of beagle ownership.

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At My Beagle Buddy, your thoughts, questions, and stories are always welcome. We believe in building a community where every voice is heard and every beagle lover finds a listening ear. Whether you have inquiries about beagle care or training tips or want to share your delightful tales, we’re here to connect with you.

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