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Welcome to My Beagle Buddy, the creation of Simon Wilson and his two charming beagles, Baylee and Bonnie. Embark on a journey into the world of beagles and beyond, where you’ll discover extensive breed insights and expert care tips. Born from a profound love for beagles and enriched by firsthand experiences, My Beagle Buddy stands as your ultimate destination for all things beagle. Dive in and explore a realm where every beagle lover finds a home, every question finds an answer, and every story finds a listening ear. Your adventure with beagles begins here at My Beagle Buddy – join us and make it an extraordinary journey!

Who We Are

Meet the heart and soul behind My Beagle Buddy – Simon, a 47-year-old beagle enthusiast with a wealth of experience and love for these delightful hounds. Accompanying Simon on this adventure are Baylee and Bonnie, two beagles with their own unique tales to tell.

Baylee, 8 years old, was born on the joyous day of Christmas, bringing an added layer of celebration and happiness to the festive season. Her vibrant spirit and boundless energy infuse every moment with light and love.

Then there’s Bonnie, a 5-year-old lemon beagle who has already made her mark in the world by being a Crufts finalist in 2019. Her gentle demeanor and exquisite beauty capture the hearts of all who meet her.

Together, this trio forms the core of My Beagle Buddy, each bringing their own special touch to the world of beagles and beyond. Join Simon, Baylee, and Bonnie as they navigate the wonderful world of beagles, sharing insights, stories, and a wealth of knowledge along the way.

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What We Do

At My Beagle Buddy, we delve into the delightful world of beagles, offering a treasure trove of information, insights, and personal stories. Founded by Simon Wilson, a dedicated beagle parent, our platform is a comprehensive guide for potential and existing beagle owners.

  • Breed Information: Uncover detailed information about beagles and related breeds, helping you understand their unique characteristics, history, and needs.
  • Care and Training Tips: Access practical and proven tips for beagle care, training, and health, ensuring your furry friend thrives in every way.
  • Personal Stories: Embark on adventures with Simon, Baylee, and Bonnie, exploring the joys, challenges, and endless love that beagles bring into our lives.
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from expert advice and resources, empowering you to make informed decisions for your beagle’s well-being.

A Word From Simon on Beagles

I firmly believe beagles stand a breed apart in the world of dogs. Their boundless energy, keen senses, and distinctive appearance set them uniquely in the canine kingdom. But it's their mischievous nature that truly captures my heart. Each day with Baylee and Bonnie is filled with playful antics, unexpected adventures, and moments of sheer joy. Yes, beagles can be stubborn – their determined pursuit of scents and sounds can lead them on many an unplanned expedition! But in this steadfast spirit, I find a delightful blend of curiosity and courage. Embrace the world of beagles with My Beagle Buddy. Here, we celebrate the quirks, explore the challenges, and revel in the unwavering affection of these extraordinary hounds. Join us in the journey and discover the boundless love and companionship that beagles unfailingly offer.
simon wilson - beagle owner
Simon Wilson
Owner of My Beagle Buddy | Progressive Website Development LTD

Our Objectives

My Beagle Buddy is driven by clear and compassionate objectives, ensuring we make a meaningful impact in the beagle community and beyond.

  • Educate: To provide accurate, up-to-date, and accessible information about beagles and related breeds, helping owners and enthusiasts enhance their knowledge and understanding.
  • Support: To offer a reliable platform for beagle owners to find answers, solutions, and insights for the various aspects of beagle care, training, and companionship.
  • Inspire: To share heartwarming stories, experiences, and achievements of beagles and their owners, fostering a sense of community, admiration, and inspiration.
  • Promote Responsible Ownership: To advocate for responsible beagle ownership by emphasizing the importance of proper care, training, and health maintenance, ensuring every beagle leads a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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