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do beagles like swimming

Are Beagles Good Swimmers? Includes 5 Reasons why swimming is good for Beagles

A question that surprisingly gets asked a lot is, are beagles good swimmers, and do they enjoy being in the water? Most seem to think that Beagles don’t like swimming, but it’s generally not a view that I share. Some say Beagles are not natural …

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Bracken the Beagle after eating

What To Feed A Beagle: A Complete Guide

If you have just adopted or are thinking of giving a Beagle a home, you may be wondering what to feed a Beagle? Beagles are active dogs with insatiable appetites. A Beagle has no limits when it comes to food. What and how much you feed a …

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Bracken and Polly chilling out in the shade

What’s It Like To Own A Beagle? 11 Things To Know Before Getting One

You may be wondering what it’s like to own a Beagle? Having a Beagle can be an enjoyable and life-changing experience. Beagles are loyal, loving dogs with an even temperament. Compact size with short hair, many view the Beagle as low maintenance. Add in that …

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Bracken and Baylee in crate for first time

Should Beagles Be Crate Trained?

Crate training your Beagle has many benefits. A crate is a safe place for your Beagle, a place they know as their own, where they go to relax and sleep in peace. Although a crate benefits most dogs, there will always be some that don’t …

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Why Do Beagles Eat So Much

Why Do Beagles Eat So Much?

Beagles love food, I mean all dogs love food, but Beagles REALLY love food, and they do not know when to stop eating! So, why do Beagles eat so much, is it a problem and how can you deal with it? Beagles struggle to regulate …

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