Rare Beagle Colors: Most Unique Color Combinations

rare beagle colors

The beagles are beautiful, adorable creatures that are easy to love and care for. They have a human-friendly disposition and are the most endearing thing to have around. Every beagle is unique since to its color combinations and markings. Beagles are becoming more popular. It’s because the demand for these dogs is high, and many people are willing to pay a premium price for rare breeds.

Beagles have 7 core colors and the purebred dogs can be easily spotted as classic tri-color beagles. The beagle breed is a mixture of these 7 colors but re-arranged with just 3 color combinations and that’s where the name came from “tri-colored beagles”.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes a total of 150 different coats by adding up to more than 20 beagle coat colors. But still, some color combinations are rare to find. For example, the coat color of Black and Tan beagle color combinations is only found in 0.1% of all the beagle coats. That means that this tan beagle is extremely rare. You might think that this breed is just as common as other breeds, but the truth is that it’s actually scarce due to beagle markings.

Rare beagle coat colors

The beagle’s coat color is often determined by the color of its eyes. The color of the beagle’s eyes depends on the breed of the beagle. Beagle eyes are often dark brown or black.

They are the smallest of the beagle breeds and are considered “working dogs.” Beagles are used in hunting, tracking, police work, and as companion animals. Rare beagle colors include black, blue, red, white, and chocolate. The cost of these beagle colors can run up to $1,000 each.

Now I’m going to discuss some AKC breed standard coats and tan markings to let you identify it difference clearly. you could know which ones are real as AKC approved and worth more than one another just because of rarity, sometimes the dog suffers.

Beagle Colors (Single Coat color inheritance)

In the beagle breed, pure colors are extremely uncommon due to the fact that they haven’t been given the option to become the breed’s standard color. Yes, they appear wonderful, but in reality, it causes health issues that can result in death.

The Rarest Uni-colors Breed

  • Red Beagle
  • Lemon beagle
  • Brown white beagles ( diluted gold color combinations )
  • Black beagles ( black patches )

Most Purchased Beagle Colors

  • White Beagles A white beagle is a rare breed, but it’s not as rare as you might think. The white beagle color comes in a variety of shades, and the white color itself is extremely common. The white beagles have this color due to a recessive gene, which means that the beagle’s parents need to both be white beagles in order for their offspring to inherit the trait.
  • Blue Beagles Beagles are very loyal and loving dogs. But these are also very rare breeds. Only about 1 in every 1000 beagles is a blue beagle. Blue beagles are not very common in the world of dogs unlike white beagles, but there are many people who keep them as pets as some beagle breeders tend to make a profit by producing such rare colors. They’re a rare breed of dog, and they’re a rare breed of color—blue. Blue is a rare color in the canine world. In fact, the only other blue dogs that I know of are the Portuguese water dogs.

Beagle Coat Color Variations With AKC Allotted Numbers

  • Red & WhiteYes (146)
  • Brown White & Tan (066)
  • Brown & White (063)
  • Lemon & White (115)
  • Tan & WhiteYes (197)
  • Blue Tan & White (291)

Bi-Colored Beagles

As the name suggests, it means the presence of two different beagle colors coats on a single dog. These coat colors have the name piebald which also states that the dog has spots or pigmented visible patterns on its body. Let’s see some color combinations in these breeds

Black Tan and White Beagle

The color of your dog is one of the most important things about him. His color can tell you a lot about his personality. If he’s tan and white, he’s a happy, friendly dog who loves to play. He has a lot of energy and loves to be around people. If you’re looking for a dog with a lot of energy, then a tan and white beagle may be just the right fit for you.

Bluetick Beagles

The bluetick beagle is a rare color variant of the beagle. It was first reported in the UK by a breeder in 1997, and it has been spreading ever since. It looks like the dog has some kind of pox all over the body.

Black Tan and Bluetick Beagle

It is not as popular as the colors mentioned above, but the black tan and bluetick Beagle is one of the coolest color combinations. It also looks like tri-colored beagles but if you look closely it’s truly a unique color combination, but still recognized by the American kennel clubs. The word “tick” is not a blood-sucking leech but actually, it refers to freckles on the coat of the dog.

Black and Tan Beagles

These classic tri-color beagle color combinations also give a look of a tri-colored beagle but instead, the reason is the same diluted black dots look like ticks on the dog’s coat. It could be anywhere on the body like at the back, bottom, face, etc.

This uniquely colored Beagle has a classic Beagle’s look but with a bluer black and tick markings all over the coat’s white sections.

Lemon & White beagle

Another unique Beagle color is Lemon & White. They have a white base coat, cream, or pure white, with Golden Retriever-like yellow patches on the body, ears, face, and tail.

Beagle Markings

The AKC recognizes the following 6 types of markings for Beagles.

  1. Ticking
  2. Black Markings
  3. Brown Markings
  4. Spotted
  5. Tan Markings
  6. White Markings

What Merle Colored Beagles Is?

Merle is a pattern in a dog’s coat that consists of irregular patches of color. The most common colors for merle beagles are blue, black, and red. This pattern is caused by a genetic mutation, and it is considered to be a fault by some kennel clubs. However, many people find the merle pattern to be beautiful and unique.

To understand it clearly I would say that Merle is not a color. now, what is it then? it’s a unique type of dog coat pattern or design which were not recognized by the AKC as an acceptable Beagle marking. Merle patterning is characterized by patches of mottled color in solid or piebald coats.

Both the Merle patterns and ticking have the same pattern, but it is more used by dog owners. Merles also have the characteristic blue or mottled irises in their eyes. Beagles that contain merle markings are not purebreds.

Related Questions:

Where can I find a tri-colored beagle for sale?

Typically, individuals use the internet to locate a local shop, but I’ll list some of the most prominent resources for finding a dog to adopt.

  • Local newspapers- In the pet section, many breeders and shelters advertise their dogs for sale or adoption.
  • Friends and family- Ask your friends if they know anyone who is selling a beagle or any other dog breed.
  • Dog shows- You can find many breeders and dogs for sale at dog shows.
  • Animal shelters- There are many animal shelters that have beagles available for adoption.

Is tan and white beagle colors common?

Yes, tan and white are very common color combinations for beagles. In fact, it is one of the most popular color combinations for this breed. Many people believe that this color combo makes beagles look more like their hunting dog ancestors. Other popular colors for beagles include black, brown, and red.

What is the difference between white tricolor beagles and tan beagles?

The main difference between white tricolor beagles and tan beagles is the color of their coats. White tricolor beagles have white coats with patches of black and brown. Tan beagles, on the other hand, have solid tan coats. Both colors are common among beagles, but some people prefer one over the other.


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