Lemon Beagle Dog Breed Information, Pictures & Facts

What is a lemon beagle?

The lemon beagle is a color variation of the beagle dog breed. Typically a beagle’s coloration is black, tan, and white, known as tri-colored, but the lemon beagle will have a predominantly white coat with areas of lemon (a yellowish-brown) around the head, ears, and body.

What is a lemon beagle?

Lemon Beagles are a color variation of the more common tri-color beagle and are sometimes referred to as a blonde beagles.

The lemon beagle is as active and friendly as any other beagle. The lemon beagle makes excellent family pets and gets along well with other dogs and animals.

Like all beagles, lemon beagles are scent hounds, are curious by nature, and love to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, beagles are also known for being determined, which means they can sometimes be pretty stubborn!

If you’re thinking of getting a lemon beagle, here are a few things you should know about them.

Bonnie is a lemon beagle
Bonnie – our lemon and white beagle

Is a lemon beagle a purebred beagle?

The lemon beagle is a color variation of the beagle and, as such, is classed as a purebred beagle, with the lemon beagle dog recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The AKC lists the lemon beagle with a registration code of 114 and the lemon and white as 115.

Lemon beagle vs. regular beagle

There is not much difference between a lemon Beagle and a regular Beagle. The only difference is the coat color. Lemon Beagles are just as good as any other color of Beagle. They have the same temperament and size. So if you’re looking for a pet Beagle, don’t worry about the coat color.

Bonnie the lemon beagle with Baylee the tri colored beagle
Bonnie the lemon beagle with Baylee the tri-colored beagle

What does a lemon beagle look like?

To know what a lemon beagle looks like, we must look at the AKC breed standard for the beagle.

Beagles have long ears set low on their head, a square-shaped muzzle, a stout body, and an upright tail tipped with white.

According to the AKC breed standard, there are two varieties of beagles;

  • Thirteen inches shall be for hounds not exceeding 13 inches in height.
  • Fifteeninchesh shall be for hounds over 13 but not exceeding 15 inches in height.

Lemon beagles can be either size, but they are most commonly the smaller 13-inch variety.

The lemon beagle dog’s coat is short, dense, and close-lying. The typical colors for a lemon beagle are white with areas of lemon (a yellowish-brown) around the head, ears, and body.

It can be challenging to tell the difference between a lemon beagle and a tan and white beagle from the lemon beagle’s coat alone.

The lemon patches of the lemon beagle remain more yellow than tan, while the nose of the lemon beagle is dark, almost black.

A young lemon beagle

Lemon beagle puppies

When born, a lemon beagle puppy’s coat is nearly completely white.

As the lemon beagle puppy grows, the lemon markings will become more distinct, and the coat will darken to its adult coloration.

The lemon and white beagle lemon markings will usually darken, and they will become distinctively two-toned.

In fact, a pure beagle cannot be entirely one color, as they do not have the gene for solid colors. Instead, all Beagles have “hound coloring,” which means they always have at least two colors in their coat. Lots of Variety!

Lemon Beagle puppies are just as adorable as any other beagle puppy and make great family pets.

If you’re thinking of getting a lemon beagle puppy, be sure to do your research and buy from a responsible breeder or get in touch with the national beagle club to find local lemon beagle breeders.

The lighter color and black noses are the lemon and white beagle characteristics.

Lemon beagle temperament: Do lemon beagles make good family dogs?

The white lemon beagle temperament is enthusiastic, energetic, social, playful, affectionate, great with young kids and other pets, and keen to hunt, run, and exercise.

Lemon beagle dogs are also affectionate dogs. Beagles typically were hunting dogs and pack dogs and preferred to be part of a larger pack or family.

Like the more common colored beagles, the lemon beagle loves to curl up on the couch with their favorite human or other dogs, making them great family dogs!

As scent hounds, one challenge all lemon beagle owners share is managing the beagle’s desire to follow her keen sniffer anywhere and everywhere!

Lemon beagles are curious and lively, and the lemon beagle is an excellent companion for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The lemon and beagle breed is also known for being particularly friendly and good with children.

Like all beagles, lemon beagles are intelligent dogs, but they can also be determined and stubborn.

This means that lemon beagles need owners willing to put in the time and effort to train them properly.

Beagles are also known for being vocal dogs, and lemon beagles are no exception.

Lemon beagles will often bay or bark, especially when they catch a scent or are excited.

Like some other dogs, a lemon beagle’s temperament can vary from dog to dog, be sure to ask the dog breeder for background information on the lemon puppy’s parents.

Beagles make great family pets
Beagles make great family pets

Can lemon beagles be AKC registered?

As a registered color variation of the standard beagle, lemon beagles can be AKC registered.

The lemon beagle is assigned a registration number of 114 by the American Kennel Club (AKC), while the lemon and white are listed as 115.

Always buy from reputable breeders or a lemon beagle rescue to ensure the lemon beagle is purebred.

Buying from reputable breeders will ensure they are purebred dogs with documented history, which is crucial for checking for health issues.

Are lemon beagles healthy dogs?

Purebred beagles are generally healthy, and the lemon beagle is no exception.

Lemon beagle health problems

Beagles are prone to some health problems, such as;

  • Cherry Eye
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Heart disease.

Always purchase your lemon beagle puppy from reputable breeders and ask about family health problems.

Beagle cherry eye
Beagle cherry eye

Lemon beagle lifespan

An adult lemon beagle’s lifespan is usually estimated at 13 and a half years, which is pretty good!

Read more about the lifespan of a beagle.

Are lemon beagles rare?

Are Lemon Beagles Rare? Yes. Because there are no guarantee breeders will get a lemon puppy in their litter, even when breeding two white and lemon beagles together.

Do lemon beagle puppies change color as they grow?

A beagle lemon beagle is born almost white, and its color gradually changes as they grow.

As lemon beagle puppies mature, they will develop the lemon and white coat that is characteristic of the lemon beagle breed.

Places to find lemon beagle puppies for sale and adoption

Finding purebred lemon beagles can be tricky due to the scarcity of the color.

The first thing to decide is if you want a puppy or are prepared to offer a rescue dog a home.

Rescuing a beagle

You might be surprised how many lemon beagles find their way into shelters. Unfortunately, beagles are not always the easiest hounds for families, no matter the color. Unfortunately, many families give up on their dogs and relinquish them to the nearest shelters or dog charities.

Adopting a beagle from a shelter gives these loving hounds a second chance, which can be very rewarding for you and the dog!

Finding a lemon beagle puppy

If you decide you want to get a puppy, it’s crucial to find a reputable breeder.

Good breeders are approachable, happy to answer questions, insist on home visits and a contract of sale, and will always be the first to offer help and advice with your new beagle puppy.

Note that it’s hard to know what color a beagle litter will be, and a typical litter of 4-8 puppies could have a mix of colors, including lemon and white.

Also, most breeders will not generally mate two tans or lemons together. Occasionally the odd breeder will do, but it’s rare.

Avoid puppy farms and breeders who are unwilling to share the details of the mum and dad dogs. Knowing the dogs’ history is crucial in ensuring the breed stays healthy.

How much does a lemon beagle cost? Puppy prices and expenses

The cost of a lemon-colored beagle is one of the few things that differ from their regular colored siblings; owing to the lemon beagle’s scarcity, they tend to cost a little more than their black, brown, and tan counterparts.

Lemon Beagle Price 

The lemon-colored beagle is one of the rarer coat colors. Because of this, a beagle with this particular coat color might be somewhat more expensive than one with a different color.

A lemon beagle puppy from a reputable breeder will cost between $600-$2200.

If you are looking for lemon beagle puppies for sale, make sure that you do your research and only buy from reputable beagle breeders.

Lemon beagle expenses

Like their more common colored siblings, Lemon-colored beagles must be fed quality dog food, such as a high-quality kibble, raw diet, or a mix of both.

Adult lemon beagles will incur ongoing costs such as food, vet bills, and general maintenance should be considered when budgeting for your new lemon beagle.

As a guide, you can expect to pay around $70-$100 per month on average for food and treats and $30-80 USD per month on routine vet care (such as vaccinations, check-, worming, and flea/tick treatment).

Can lemon beagle dogs be used as working dogs?

The lemon beagle would have been used primarily as a hunting dog.

Nowadays, beagles, including the lemon beagle, work as sniffer dogs and therapy dogs because of their incredibly strong sense of smell and lovely temperaments.

Lemon beagles are used worldwide as detector dogs to detect various things, including drugs and explosives, and are being kept as beloved pets.

Beagles are often used to sniff out drugs and other illegal substances
Beagles are often used to sniff out drugs and other illegal substances

Other beagle colors

Dog breeds come in all sorts of colors, and beagles are no different!

Beagles can be black, brown, lemon, red, blue, tan, and many more!

All beagles have at least two colors (bi-color), such as black and white or lemon and white.

The lemon beagle dog is one of the rarer colors. Read more about beagle colors.

Breed standard colors according to the AKC

Black & Tan018
Black & White019
Black Fawn & White023
Black Red & White027
Black Tan & Bluetick029
Black Tan & White030
Black White & Tan034
Blue & White045
Brown & White063
Brown White & Tan066
Lemon & White115
Red & Black141
Red & White146
Red Black & White147
Tan & White197
White Black & Tan219
Blue Tan & White291
Black Tan & Redtick292

Breed standard markings according to the AKC

White Markings014
Tan Markings012
Brown Markings022
Black Markings002

Six interesting facts about lemon beagle dogs

  1. The beagle was bred for hunting rabbits and hares. Beagles have a marvelous sense of smell and will follow any trail, no matter how faint!
  2. The name ‘beagle’ comes from the French word ‘beugler,’ which means ‘to bellow.’
  3. The beagle variety has two distinct sizes. In the United States, Beagles are divided into two categories. Under 13 inches and over 13 inches but less than 15 inches. In the United States, a Beagle’s height is limited to 15 inches; it is 16 inches in England.
  4. Beagles can be stubborn. Beagles are hard to train, with many noting they are stubborn and wilful hounds. However, beagles respond well to positive reinforcement training, and a large bag of healthy training treats will get your beagle in the mood for training!
  5. The tails of Beagles are like white flags, which would have been a visual signal to hunters indicating the direction of their quarry.
  6. Beagles are likely to howl or bay when they pick up a scent. Beagles can develop an intense prey drive, which means they have a deep desire to chase something down and catch it.

Frequently asked questions

What is a lemon beagle?

Lemon Beagles are a specific type of purebred Beagle. They are identified by their white and lemon coloring. Most Lemon Beagles are born almost completely white, but their tan color gets darker over time. Lemon Beagles are rare, so they usually cost more than standard Beagles. A Lemon Beagle puppy can cost between $500 and $1,300.

Are female beagles calmer than males?

Dogs are individuals, so it depends on the dog. Some female beagles are calmer than males, and some males are calmer than females. However, beagles generally tend to be active and full of energy.

Do lemon beagles change color?

Lemon beagles may change color as they mature. Some lemon beagles will lighten in color as they age, while others may darken. However, most lemon beagles will keep their lemon color throughout their lives.

Can lemon beagles have blue eyes?

Purebred beagles can not have blue-colored eyes as it’s not in their genes.

What color nose does a lemon beagle have?

The lemon beagle has a black nose.

Are white beagles rare?

A single-color beagle does not meet the purebred breed standard, and as such white beagles are very rare.

What is a silver beagle?

Silver may be used to describe a Beagle that has some light blue on the coat. However, they are incredibly rare, and the color is not listed on the AKC breed standard.

What are blue beagles?

The blue beagle is a beagle with blue markings on its coat. The blue color is not a breed standard but is listed on the AKC color registration (037).

A blue tick beagle puppy

Are there two types of Beagles?

There are two classes of beagle those classed as;

  • 13 inches & under
  • 13-15 inches.

Read more about how big beagles get.

How can I tell if my beagle is purebred?

If you are looking for a purebred lemon beagle, the best way to find one is to go through a reputable breeder. A good breeder will be able to show you proof that the lemon beagle puppies they have for sale are purebred and will have registration papers to back it up.

You can also check the breed standard from the AKC.

Is a blue tick beagle purebred?

The Blue Tick Beagle is part of the purebred beagle dog breed. ‘Blue-tick’ is just one color within the breed.

The blue tick beagle’s coat is covered in blue ticks (a breed standard) or flecks of color over its base color of black or white, giving a blue or gray speckled appearance to its smooth, short coat. Read more about blue tick beagles.

Are beagles aggressive?

Dogs are individuals, so it really depends on the dog and the circumstances of the beagle dog’s life. Some beagles are aggressive, while others are not. However, beagles generally are calm dogs and make great family dogs.

Do lemon beagles shed a lot?

Lemon beagles do shed, but they don’t shed as much as some other breeds of dogs. Lemon beagles have a short, dense double coat that is easy to groom. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog, then a lemon beagle is not the right breed for you. Read more about beagle shedding.

Is Snoopy a lemon beagle?

One of the most famous beagles is Snoopy, from the Peanuts comics. While Snoopy is not lemon-colored, he is a beagle dog.

What is a pocket beagle?

Pocket beagles result from a centuries-long process of selective breeding to produce a smaller dog than a standard beagle.

Do beagles breed well with other dog breeds?

Generally beagles mix well with other breeds. One such popular dog is the beagle pug mix. Read about the beagle pug mix temperament.