The Best Toys for Beagles to Keep Them entertained and Active

beagle playing fetch

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They’re also one of the most active, curious, and playful dogs you’ll ever meet. The key to keeping a Beagle happy and healthy is ensuring they have plenty of toys to keep them physically and mentally occupied.

Some of the best toys for Beagles encourage them to use their natural scavenging and hunting instincts. Other great options are toys you can use for interactive playtime between beagle owners and beagle pups.

In this article, we’ll look at the playful nature of Beagles and the best toys to keep them entertained.

All about beagles: The Playful Nature of Beagles:

Beagles are known for their boundless energy and playful personalities. They love to run, jump and play – so they need plenty of toys to keep them occupied. While they’re not the easiest breed to train, they are very intelligent and can learn tricks and commands quickly.

Their natural hunting instincts make them excellent at finding hidden objects – like a ball under a couch or a toy that’s been misplaced. Beagles also have a strong sense of smell, which is why they’re often used as scent dogs in law enforcement and rescue operations.

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beagle playing tug
Beagles are a playful dog breed

The Best Toys for Beagles:

There are a lot of different dog toys for beagles on the market that are designed to keep dogs entertained. But not all toys are created equal – some are better than others at capturing a Beagle’s attention and keeping them engaged.

Here are the best toys for Beagles, perfect for keeping them entertained (and out of trouble!)

Best toys for beagles puzzles:

Puzzles keep your Beagle’s mind active and engaged. They’re also a lot of fun for dogs of all ages.

Puzzle toys come in a variety of different designs, but they all have one thing in common – they provide your pup with a challenge that they need to figure out to get a reward. The puzzle can be anything from finding a hidden treat to moving objects around to create a path.

Puzzle toys are great for Beagles because they provide mental stimulation and help keep their minds sharp. A dog toy should also be fun, which these are.

A stimulated beagle is a happy beagle

Best toys for beagles for solo play:

Not all toys need to be interactive – some are great for solo play. Best dog toys that can be played alone are perfect for Beagles who like to keep busy or play with them when you are not there.

Some of the best solo play toys for Beagles include tug toys, chew toys, and Kongs. Tug of war toys is excellent for interactive playtime, while chew toys and Kongs can keep your pup occupied for hours.

Chew toys are particularly good for Beagles because they help to relieve boredom and can also help to clean their teeth. Kongs are another great option because you can fill them with treats or food, which will keep your Beagle busy trying to get to the goodies inside.

Best toys for beagles for interactive play:

Interactive toys are great for Beagles because they encourage you to play with your pup. This play is essential for bonding and helps keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Some of the best interactive toys for Beagles include fetch toys, tug toys and puzzle toys. Fetch toys are great for a game of catch, while beagles can use tug toys for a friendly game of tug-of-war.

Puzzle toys are perfect for interactive playtime because they require you to work with your pup to figure out the puzzle.

Best toys for beagles for treats:

Beagles love treats, so it’s no surprise that treat-dispensing toy options are some of their favorites. Treat-dispensing toys come in various designs, but they all have one thing in common – they dispense treats when your pup interacts with them.

Treat-dispensing toys are great for Beagles because they provide mental stimulation and help keep them occupied. Besides being fun, they’re also a great dog toy.

Tennis balls are an excellent option for the Beagles because they love to chase them. Puzzle toys are another great option because they can be filled with treats or food, which will keep your beagle entertained and busy trying to get to the goodies inside.

Best toys for beagles for chewing:

Beagles are known for their chewing nature, so it’s no surprise that chew toys are some of their favorites. Chew toys come in various materials, but they all have one thing in common – they’re designed to be chewed on!

Chew toys are great for Beagles because they help keep their gums and teeth healthy, and they can also help to relieve boredom or stress. Beagles left alone for long periods often turn to chew to release excess energy, so having a few chew toys on hand can be a lifesaver.

Natural Rubber toys are a great option for Beagles because they’re durable and safe to chew on. Rawhide chews are another excellent choice, but be sure to choose ones made from natural ingredients and are free of chemicals.

Antlers make great chew treats
Deer antlers make great chew treats as they last for ages, even for a beagle!

No matter what toy you choose, it’s important to pick one that is the right size for your Beagle. Beagles are known for their large jaws, so make sure the toy is tough enough to withstand some serious chewing.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Beagle Toys:

When choosing the best Beagle toys, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Use this guide to find the best toys for your pup:


Beagles are known for being determined chewers, so you’ll want to make sure their toys are made of durable materials. Look for Beagle toys made of rubber, nylon, or other tough materials.

Natural Rubber toys are great for Beagles as they are durable and can withstand a lot of chewing. Fabric-based toys are not as durable and may not be suitable for determined chewers.


Beagles are attracted to bright colors, so try to find toys that are brightly colored. This will help keep your Beagle’s attention on their soft toy rather than on other things around the house or yard.


Beagles have an incredible sense of smell, so adding a scent to their toys can help keep their attention focused. Look for Beagle toys that are scented with dog-friendly essential oils or other natural fragrances.

Teeth Benefits:

Beagles love to chew, so finding toys that can help keep their teeth clean and healthy is a great idea. Look for Beagle toys made of rubber or nylon, as these materials can help massage the gums and remove plaque and tartar build-up.


Beagles are medium-sized dogs, so their toys should be proportional to their size. If a toy is too small, your Beagle could choke on it. Choose Beagle toys that are an appropriate size for your dog.

Nondestructive Toys:

Beagles are known for being destructive, so you’ll want to choose toys that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Look for Beagle toys made of durable materials and designed to withstand heavy chewing.

Beagle-proofing your home:

Beagles are curious creatures and will often put anything in their mouths. To help keep your Beagle puppy safe, it’s important to “beagle-proof” your home. You should remove items that could harm your dogs, such as small objects, toxic plants, and cleaning supplies.

Providing your Beagle pup with a safe, designated chew toy area is also essential. This will help keep your dog from chewing on furniture or other household items.

What to Avoid when Choosing Beagle Toys:

You’ll want to avoid these things when choosing Beagle toys. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Toys with small parts: Small toys or toy parts can pose a choking hazard for your Beagle. Avoid toys with small parts, or make sure the toy parts are securely attached to the toy.

Toys with strings:¬†Beagles love to chew, and strings can quickly become tangled around your dog’s teeth. This can lead to dental problems or other health issues. Avoid toys with strings, or make sure the strings are short and not easily chewed off.

Toys that make noise: Beagles are sensitive to noise, so avoid toys that make loud noises. This includes squeaky toys, as the sound can be too overwhelming for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do beagles like to do?

Beagles are curious, active dogs that love to explore. Because of their strong hunting instincts, beagles often like to play fetch and chase games. Their social nature also makes them wonderful companions.

Do Beagles like to play with toys?

Yes, beagles like to play with toys. In fact, they can become quite attached to their favorite toys. Beagles typically enjoy squeaky toys, chew toys, and balls. However, it is essential to select the correct type of new toy for your beagle.

What do Beagles love the most?

Beagles love to be around humans and other animals. They also love to play fetch and chase games. However, the most important thing for this dog breed is to have a toy it can attach to.


The best toy for a beagle is durable and can withstand lots of chewing. Beagles are also very active, so a toy that encourages physical activity is also a good choice. Beagles are very social, so a toy that encourages interaction with other dogs or people is also ideal. Beagles are also very food motivated, so a toy that dispenses treats is always a hit!


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