Pros and Cons of Beagles

Pros and cons of beagles

Beagles are a breed of small to medium-sized dogs. They are members of the hound group; they are similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound but have shorter legs and longer, softer ears. They were first bred in England in the early 1600s to hunt rabbits and recognized by American Kennel Club in 1885. 

Beagle dogs make loyal, loving, and gentle family dogs, but they are also active and require plenty of exercise. A hunting background means they have a strong prey drive and may chase small animals. Beagle puppies are also notorious escape artists and may wander off if not properly supervised. Overall, the Beagle is a wonderful breed for families and dog owners looking for an active, loving dog.

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10 Pros of Owning a Beagle: 

There is no doubt that beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds globally. Ten good reasons to own one are here if you want a beagle.

1. They get along with kids and dogs:

Beagles are just naturally social creatures. Because they are pack animals, they do best in environments where they can be around other people and animals. Additionally, beagle puppies get along well with other dogs, so a beagle puppy can probably adjust fine if you have another dog. A beagle can be a great family dog if you have kids since they’re gentle and tolerant of children.

2. They’re small but not too small:

Beagles are considered a medium-sized dog breed, but they’re on the smaller side compared to other dogs. They only weigh about 20-30 pounds on average, so they’re not going to take up too much space in your home for house training. But even though they’re small, they’re still sturdy dogs that can hold their own.

3. They have a great sense of smell:

The best thing beagles are known for is their incredible sense of smell. An invaluable sense of smell makes beagles stand out among other breeds. Their long, floppy ears help trap scent particles, and their large noses are packed with olfactory receptors. This sense of smell is why most beagles are often used as detection dogs in fields like airport security, law enforcement, and drug sniffing.

4. They’re easy to train:

Beagles are intelligent dogs, and they’re also very food motivated. This combination makes them easy to train for beagle owners compared to other dog breeds. A beagle is a good choice if you’re looking for a dog that can learn tricks, obedience commands, or even some essential agility.

5. They’re good watchdogs:

Even though beagles aren’t giant dogs, they can still make good watchdogs. Beagles tend to be curious and have a strong sense of smell, so they can be good at alerting you to strangers or unusual activity. And their loud barks will let you know if someone is on your property.

6. They’re relatively low-maintenance:

Beagles are a pretty low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. They don’t need to be trimmed or clipped; they only need to be bathed every few months. Beagles have short, smooth coats, are easy to brush and are moderate shedders.

7. They’re relatively healthy:

Beagles are a relatively healthy breed, and they don’t have many health problems specific to the breed. Of course, like all dogs, they can be susceptible to some health issues like ear infections, though as long as you keep up with their vaccinations and take them for regular check-ups, they should be fine.

8. They’re just plain adorable:

Beagles are a wonderful breed because they’re adorable. With their big floppy ears and soulful eyes, it’s hard not to fall in beagles’ love. They have great personalities, and they’re just all-around fun dogs.

9. They make great hunting companions:

If you enjoy hunting, a beagle can make a great companion. They’re excellent at tracking games, thanks to their incredible sense of smell and stamina. They’re also small enough that they won’t scare away the prey, but they’re still big enough to keep up with you on a long hike.

10. They are Versatile Dogs:

One of the best things about beagles is that they’re such versatile dogs. They can do well in a wide variety of homes, families, beagles shed, dog park, and environments. If you live in a city or the country, have kids or no kids or want a hunting companion or just a cuddle buddy, a beagle can probably fit the bill.

6 Cons of Owning a Beagle:

Owning any pet comes with responsibilities and challenges, and beagles are no different. Here are a few things to keep in mind before bringing a beagle into your home.

1. They bark… a lot:

Beagles are known for being vocal dogs, and beagles bark a lot. If you’re looking for a dog that will be quiet, a beagle is probably not the best choice. Their excessive barking can be cute at first, but it can get annoying after a while.

2. They have a strong hunting instinct:

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs, so they have a strong instinct to chase after small animals. Having your beagle hunt furry animals like cats or rabbits can be a problem if you have other pets. As long as your area has plenty of wildlife, your beagle may take off after deer, squirrels, or other animals.

3. They’re escape artists:

Beagles are known for being Houdinis when escaping from yards, beagle shedding, and homes. They’re interested dogs, and they have a strong desire to explore, so they’re always on the lookout for ways to escape. A beagle owner needs to make sure his yard is well-secured, and you may want to consider keeping them on a leash when they’re outside.

4. They can be difficult to potty train:

Beagles are notorious for being challenging to potty train. They’re very stubborn and have a strong urge to follow their noses, so they often don’t pay attention to where they’re going. This can make potty training a bit of a challenge, but it’s definitely not impossible.

5. They can be destructive:

Beagles are known for being chewers, and they can be destructive if they’re not given enough attention and exercise. If you leave your beagle home alone for too long, they may start chewing on furniture, shoes, or other household items. And, if they’re bored, they may start digging holes in your yard.

6. They have a lot of energy:

Beagles are high-energy dogs, and they need a lot of activity to stay happy and healthy. If you’re not an active person or don’t have time for long walks or runs, a beagle may not be the best choice. Beagles need to burn off a lot of energy, so they’re not the best dogs for people who live a sedentary lifestyle.


Beagles are great dogs for active people who have the time and patience to train them, but they’re not the best choice for everyone.   

Keep in mind the beagle pros and cons before you decide, and you’ll be sure to find the right dog for your family.

If you’re thinking of getting a beagle, make sure you’re prepared for the challenges of owning one. But, if you want to accept the challenge, a beagle can make a great addition to your family.

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