The Puggle-Beagle Pug Mix Traits and Characteristics

The Puggle - Beagle Pug Mix

This article is all about beagle pug mix dogs, otherwise known as a Puggle! This mixed breed has become very popular recently, and for good reason! They are lovable, playful, and great family dogs. We will go over everything you need to know before adopting one of these adorable little guys into your life.

Designer Dog Breeds

Designer dog breeds are the result of cross-breeding two purebred dogs. The beagle-pug mix is a popular mixed breed created by crossing the beagle and the pug.

The popularity of designer dog breeds has skyrocketed in recent years.

Designer dog breeds arose partly to give dog owners a greater choice and combine two fantastic dogs to create a new breed with the best qualities of both.

Designer dog breeds are popular for many people because they come in many different sizes and shapes!

Designer dog breeds also increase their genetic diversity, which helps to avoid genetic disorders like hip dysplasia and more to create a healthier dog.

On one side, it’s been proven to be beneficial to dog breeds, while some purebred breeders and scientists alike, dislike mixing pedigree dogs.

Those against designer dogs often say they are just expensive mongrels, but designer dogs are becoming more and more accepted in the dog world.

You can see a full list of hybrid dogs including the pug beagle at the American Canine Hybrid Club (

Beagle Pug Mix

The beagle and pug mix is a popular mixed breed created by crossing the beagle and the pug to create the puggle dog or pug beagle mix.

There are some characteristics from each parent that will carry through to your new pug beagle pup, so you get all of the best qualities without any downsides.

The Puggle - Beagle Pug Mix
The Puggle – Beagle Pug Mix

The Beagle

Beagles are thought to have originated from England in the 16th century and were originally bred as hunting dogs because of their ability to track down rabbits and other animals and their high energy levels and stamina.

Beagles are part of the hound group and have strong noses for tracking and chasing rabbits and other small animals.

The beagle has a very sweet and loving disposition with an affectionate personality. Beagles make amiable family pets, and are generally good with children. However, like all dogs, never like a child alone with an unfamiliar dog.

They are also quite intelligent but also stubborn, which can make them difficult to train.

The beautiful thing about these dogs is that they love everyone – humans and animals alike.

The beagle’s double coat is short, straight, and thick with a glossy sheen. It can be black, white, or brown. The beagle has a distinctive white tipped tail, making them easy to spot from afar when on a hunt.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the beagle as the 6th most popular dog in America in 2019. AKC describes the beagle as friendly, curious, and merry.

Tri colored Beagle
A tri-colored Beagle

The Pug

Purebred pug is a toy breed of dog that descended from China, becoming the companion of many a Chinese emperor. The pug would later become the mascot of Hollands’ royal House of Orange!

Millions of dog lovers around the world now adore pugs!

Pugs are known for their wrinkly faces and less-pointed muzzle, giving them an adorable appearance that will surely melt your heart!

The pug’s wrinkles give it a comical expression – you can tell they’re always smiling! These dogs make great lap dogs because of their short stature.

Pugs are strong little dogs who can live in an apartment or a house, city, or country.

Like other dogs, pugs need regular exercise to stay healthy.

The pug’s coat is curly, shorthaired, and comes in fawn (creamy beige), black, apricot (golden orange), or silver colors.

Purebred pugs are happy in a variety of environments, with children or elderly people, as only pets, or as part of the family.

Taking care of a pug is difficult because they have an insatiable appetite; owners must be careful to keep them from becoming overweight.

Pugs love moderate temperatures and can thrive just about anywhere as long as they have the right care.

The AKC ranks the pug as the 29th most popular breed in America for 2020, and describes the pug as loving, charming, and mischievous. (Source: American Kennel Club).

An adult pug
An adult pug

The Pug Beagle Mix

By combining both the pug and the beagle, the result is adorable little puggle puppies.

The resulting pug beagle mix are classed as a small dog, with the average pug beagle mix standing around 13 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing around 18 to 30 pounds.

The beagle and the pug parent breeds have similar temperaments which make them easygoing happy-go-lucky little creatures who love everyone – human and animal, as a result, the puggle temperament is often just like that the best bits of both the pug and beagle and make ideal companion dogs.

The pug-beagle mix is a loyal, gentle dog breed, and very affectionate with people they know well. They are intelligent dog but can also become stubborn; training them takes time and patience so you’ll have to be skilled in positive reinforcement techniques if you planning on taking care of this pup yourself.

Trait Description
Height 13–15 in (33–38 cm)
Weight 18–30 lb (8.2–13.6 kg)
Coat Smooth, short haired
Color Shades of tan, red, black, lemon or white
Puggle-Beagle Pug Mix
Puggle-Beagle Pug Mix

Pocket Puggle

The pocket puggle or toy puggle is essentially a small version of a puggle.

Pocket puggles or toy-sized puggles are usually less than 13 inches tall and weigh 8 to 17 pounds.

Beagle Pug Mix Temperament

The pug beagle mix temperament is a mixture of the happy-go-lucky, inheriting the gentle temperament of its beagle parents and the sweet loving disposition with an affectionate personality from a pug.

The puggle personality is intelligent and stubborn, but also very friendly to everyone – human or animal alike. They make great family pets because they love people young and old!

Due to the stubborn nature of both the parent breeds, the beagle-pug mix may not be as easily trainable as other dog breeds, but with the right owner, obedience training, and training techniques, they can become great companion dogs.

If your Puggle takes to the Beagle’s side, then letting out a bark and a howl would be one of its characteristic traits. However, they do not excel in being effective watchdogs as their Beagle parent.

Like the beagle, the puggle shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.

Size and appearance

The pug-beagle mix is usually small with short hair and contains various physical elements of the parent beagle and a pug breed.

They typically grow to be between 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing anywhere from 18-30 pounds.

The colors of a puggle include fawn, black, apricot (golden orange), or silver, and while they come in different colors, the standard puggle is usually a fawn color.

The appearance of this dog breed can be similar to that of an American Beagle because it has short hair which makes for easy grooming.

They are very sweet little creatures with adorable faces and short tails.

Exercise requirements

As mentioned before, the pug-beagle mix needs enough exercise to maintain its health.

Pug-beagles are reasonably active and need a lot of physical exercise to stay healthy.

A walk around the block and some playtime in the backyard or a run-up and down the stairs will help them maintain their health.

A puggle is likely to take about 1 hour’s worth of exercise every day. This can be split into different sessions throughout the day, for instance, going for half an hour at lunchtime and then again in the evening after work.

You must always have this dog on a leash when they’re out exercising. The begales high prey drive may result in the puggle running after small animals.

Living Conditions

Even though the pug beagle mix is a small dog breed they still require plenty of physical exercise and open space. Fresh air and space are crucial for a healthy dog like all other dogs.

The best place for a puggle to live is in the suburbs, where they’ll have a yard and plenty of space to play and relax.

If you live in an apartment, your puggle will still need to be walked at least once a day and will need to be taken for walks in the park or on trails.

If you are away from home for several hours at a time, consider hiring a dog walker or ask a friend to come and take the puggle for an outing.


As mentioned, both the parent breeds are known to be stubborn dogs which can mean a puggle dog can be hard to train.

It’s best to start training your puggle puppy from a young age either by yourself or by hiring professional dog trainers you can train your puggle puppy with house training, recall, or any other activity you want!


Since the pug-beagle mix is a hybrid with two different parent breeds, it may be at risk of inheriting one or more health conditions.

One health condition that it might inherit as a result of its parent breeds is a spinal injury.

The other possible consequence of their family history would be hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can make it difficult for the dog to move around and keep itself healthy.

Some more health problems that this dog could have are eye disorders such as PRA, cataracts, and glaucoma; all three of these diseases can lead to blindness in the end.

These are just some examples of potential health issues that could happen in this type of dog breed, but these are not guaranteed or that common.


If you’re looking for food to feed your beagle-pug mix, here are some things to remember.

Give them a balanced diet of lean protein sources, wholesome grains, and fiber-rich foods.

On average, they will need at least two cups of high-quality food daily.

Be careful not to feed them too much as they might become obese, which can lead to serious health problems.

Also, be wary of “human” snacks like chips, candy, raisins, or grapes; while these can provide some nutrition for humans, they are not good for dogs.

If your dog is overweight, it’s best if you try to correct that by reducing portions and feeding him smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.


The beagle-pug mix (also known as a “puggle”) doesn’t require as much regular grooming as its parent breeds.

However, like the parent’s breeds, they do shed, so they would need to be brushed a few times per week.

To help with the shedding, you can either brush your dog daily or get them groomed every six weeks at a professional pet salon.

If you have a puggle shedding heavily, it might be time for a bath! This dog can shed all year round, too, so if you don’t want your house to turn into a big mess, then this is something you’ll need to do regularly or have groomed professionally every couple of months.

Bathe him only as needed, but be sure to keep the folds on his skin and around his muzzle and eyes free of dirt, debris, and moisture to prevent infections.

After a bath, it’s very important to dry thoroughly between folds.

Check your Puggle’s eyes regularly to ensure they’re clean and free of any irritation indicated by redness or discharge.

Other grooming needs include dental hygiene and nail care.

Brush your beagle pug mix’s teeth daily to remove tooth plaque buildup and the accompanying bacteria. Twice a week is also acceptable. Daily is best.

Trim his nails every month or so. They need to be trimmed if you can hear the clicking as he walks.

Short toenails keep the feet in good condition and won’t scratch your legs when your Pug Beagle mix jumps up to greet you.

To keep your Puggle looking his best, start the grooming experience him when he is a puppy.

Handle his paws frequently – dogs are touchy about their feet – and look inside his mouth and ears.

You can make grooming a positive experience by praising and rewarding your pup during the process. This will lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and another handling as he grows.

Where to find a puggle puppy

There are many places you can find a puggle puppy.

Purchasing from a reputable breeder, an adoption event, or a pet store are all options as well if they’re reputable sources.

When buying a crossbreed try and find out as much information about the parent breeds as possible to see if there are any health problems.

Speak with other puggle owners of the same mix of breeds to get a better idea about what kind of dog you’re getting.

If you’re unsure where to find reputable puggle breeders, talk with your veterinarian. They should be able to point you in the right direction!

Rescues and shelters

One place to get a pet puggle is your local shelter or rescue group – these dogs often need homes and will be grateful to have someone love them!

Puggle puppies

Cost of buying a beagle pug mix

Purebred pugs and beagles usually cost more individually than a mix of their offspring.

Puggle puppies are relatively inexpensive for designer dogs, with the average cost of designer dogs at about $1,500.

Puggles, on the other hand, come in at about $800-$1800. This, of course, depends on many factors. A higher price usually indicates a more reputable breeder, but not always, so do your homework!

The breeder’s location, reputation, and quality, will determine how much you should expect to pay.


Puggles are small dogs, affectionate, low shedding crossbreed, that have an even temperament, gets on with most other dogs, and will suit a variety of dog owners.


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