Do beagles like to cuddle?

Do Beagles Like to Cuddle?

Do beagles like to cuddle? Have you ever wondered if your beagle likes to cuddle? It’s a question a beagle dog lover may ask themselves.

While it may not seem like the most pressing question, it is important for those of us who want our beagles to snuggle up on the couch with us!

According to the American Kennel Club, beagles are among the top ten most popular breeds for families in the US. Beagles make great pets because they are pack animals, making them a very sociable dog breed, and they don’t mind being touched or held by their human companions.

Beagles love to curl up with other beagles and be cuddled by humans; it’s in their nature! Read on to find out more.

How do beagles show affection?

Beagles are bred as hunting dogs, so they have a strong pack mentality. This means that they love being around other beagles and humans.

When beagles are young puppies, they will often cuddle up to their littermates for warmth and security. They will continue to show affection by nuzzling and licking as they age.

Beagles will also show affection to their human companions by leaning against them, sitting on their laps, or giving them kisses.

It’s important to remember that beagles are hounds, so they have a strong sense of smell. They are probably trying to figure out your scent when they give you kisses!

Beagles are known for their adorable “sad eyes,” which can make it seem like they’re always begging for attention. This is part of their charm, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re such popular pets.

While beagles do love attention, they can also be independent dogs. They are content to curl up on their own if you’re not available to cuddle.

Me and my two cute beagles enjoying a cuddle
Me and my two cute beagles enjoying a cuddle

Is Beagle an affectionate dog?

While all dogs show affection differently, beagles are definitely an affectionate breed. A beagle is a great choice if you’re looking for a dog that loves to cuddle.

Why do beagles enjoy cuddling?

Before we truly understand if and why beagles love to cuddle, we must understand the breed.

Hunting dogs

Beagles were bred as hunting dogs and a member of the scent hound breed.

They would live as part of large packs of other beagles to hunt small prey.

Part of a larger dog pack, they would rely on the other hounds for all kinds of companionship, keeping warm on cold nights, using the other dog’s body heat, and cuddling up for warmth.

Beagles love to cuddle
That’s me sandwiched between two beagles.

Why are beagles affectionate?

Beagles rely on their pack leaders for safety, and cuddling is an ancient evolutionary tool and instinctive survival skill they use to form a bond with their pack leader.

As with humans, your loyal friends’ brains naturally produce oxytocin, which reduces stress and helps them relax.

Beagles also naturally experience feelings of contentment when they are affectionately touched.

Cuddling with your dog will help them form an association between this stress relief and being close to you, which is a great way to strengthen your bond together.

Beagles are well known for their friendliness. They are also known for being curious and playful animals, making them fun to be around!

So it is no surprise that many beagles like spending time and being affectionate with their human companions.

Every dog has a unique personality, and not all are super cuddly, but most of our beagles have shown lots of affectionate behavior.

How do beagles show affection?

A beagle can show affection in many ways. They will often lick the face of their owners and wag their tails when they see them.

While it’s great to see the beagle show affection, it’s equally important to know when it needs some space.

A warning about resource guarding and handling

Like other dogs, a beagle can exhibit resource-guarding behavior, particularly food aggression.

Food aggression is characterized by a beagle snarling, growling, or snapping at anyone who approaches the beagle’s food.

A beagle can also display resource-guarding aggression when they feel uncomfortable about their space and what’s in it.

They’ll bark aggressively and snap to keep people away from that area of the house.

Small children may not be able to read these signs, and the beagle will warn and may even show aggression, even if you have never seen your beagle snap at kids previously.

My beagle, Bonnie and myself enjoying a cuddle
My beagle, Bonnie, and myself enjoying a cuddle.

How do beagles compare to other dog breeds for cuddling?

Beagles often feature in top lists for cuddly dogs.

This is likely due to their nature as pack animals and their love of companionship. Beagles are also relatively small, making them perfect for cuddling on the couch or in bed.

Other dog breeds that make great cuddle buddies include:

  • Pugs
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniels
  • Golden retrievers
  • Bulldogs
  • Poodles
  • Shih Tzus
  • Papillon

Most beagles don’t mind being held, but not all will actively seek it out.

If a beagle puppy has had good socialization, he or she will generally enjoy being held and cuddled.

For an adult dog, it can vary from dog to dog depending on how much human interaction they have had.

Not all beagles will show affectionate behavior towards being held, even if the beagle has a cuddly nature.

There is a difference between a beagle enjoying liking to be held and a beagle showing affection by cuddling up to you or other family members.

Do beagles like to sleep with you?

Of all the beagles that have lived with me, all have enjoyed getting under the covers of my bed!

There is nothing like a beagle’s warm body to snuggle up against on a cold night.

Beagles will also often sleep curled up against you on the couch or in your lap.

While some dogs may see this as an invasion of their personal space, most beagles enjoy the closeness and companionship that sleeping with their humans provides.

However, not all beagles will want to sleep in bed with you.

This may be due to the insecurity of being away from their pack leader or simply because they are more independent by nature.

If your beagle does sleep with you, it is a sign of great affection!

Beagles love being in bed!
Beagles love being in bed!

Do Beagles pick a favorite person?

In many households, there is often one person that the beagle seems to prefer over others.

This may be due to many factors, such as the person being more likely to provide food or treats, being more likely to play fetch, or simply spending more time with the dog.

A beagle’s favorite person usually provides the most love and attention, although this isn’t always the case.

Do Beagles give kisses?

While some beagles will give kisses, others are not so inclined.

A beagle’s kissing behavior is often a sign of affection, but it can also get your attention if the dog wants something from you.

If you don’t want your beagle to kiss you, proper training and socialization are key in teaching your dog what acceptable behavior is.

Why is my Beagle so attached to me?

Many beagles become very attached to their human companions.

This is likely due to their nature as pack animals and their love of companionship.

Why do beagles put their paws on you?

There are a few different reasons your beagle may put his or her paws on you.

One reason may be to get your attention for food, playtime, or just some love and affection.

Another reason may be to assert dominance over you in the pack hierarchy.

If this is the case, it is important to nip the behavior in the bud with proper training and socialization.

Whatever the reason, your beagle’s pawing behavior is usually a sign of affection.

Are male or female beagles more affectionate?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as every beagle is different. Some male beagles may be more affectionate than female ones, and vice versa.

Should you cuddle beagle puppies?

It’s ok to try and snuggle your beagle puppy, though you may find they don’t want as much cuddling as you would like!

Beagles are curious little hounds, and right from an early age, they are constantly on the hunt for places to sniff, things to chew, toys to play with, and people to investigate.

Puppies cuddling humans is usually at the bottom of the list!

However, beagles are energetic, social animals who enjoy the company of their human family members, but they can show a surprising amount of independence when it comes to spending time on their own.

Benefits of cuddling dogs for humans

Humans and dogs have been together and forming bonds for a long time. Both humans and dogs have a primal instinct to bond with others, and cuddling is one of the best ways.

Dogs are known for being affectionate, but many people don’t realize that dogs have been integral in helping humans recover from mental illnesses like depression or PTSD.

Cuddling your beagle can stimulate the brain’s production of oxytocin (known as the Love Hormone). Oxytocin is associated with feelings of trust, empathy, and strong bond formation.

Cuddling your beagles can also help reduce stress levels in humans and dogs and lower blood pressure.

Humans with high levels of cortisol (stress hormones) will often feel more relaxed after a break to cuddle with their dog.


Beagles are social dogs that love companionship, so it’s no surprise that they often become very attached to their human family members, making them great family dogs.

If you’re looking for a cuddly and affectionate dog, a beagle may be the perfect choice for you! Remember that not all dogs are different, so treat each on its own merits.

And if you’re not looking for a cuddly dog, that’s okay too – beagles are just as happy playing fetch or exploring the great outdoors!


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