10 Breeds of Dogs That Look Like Beagles

Dogs that look like beagles

The Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and it’s no wonder why. They’re gentle, loving, and have those soulful eyes that make you want to cuddle them.

Who can resist those huge, floppy ears and wagging tails? Beagles are of amiable nature and fantastic, loving dogs that are always up for an adventure. They’re one-of-a-kind in many ways, but if the breed doesn’t feel 100% suitable for you, you may discover dogs with similar characteristics.

Perhaps you’d be interested in a Beagle but don’t think it’s the right fit as you are not home much? Maybe you’ve had Beagles in the past but are wondering what else is out there – without straying too far from the winning character of a Beagle?

Beagles and Other Hound Dogs

While some may not see the resemblance, Beagles are hound dogs. This means they’re related to other breeds with certain physical and personality traits.

The dog breeds similar to Beagles discussed here are only a few examples. Still, all hound dogs, including African Lion Hound, Labrador Retriever, Hamilton Hound, and other breeds, have a common history – they were bred to hunt! This is likely why most hound dog breeds have a strong sense of smell and are great at tracking.

Hound dogs are divided into two categories – with or without a hunting instinct. If you’re looking for a non-hunting hound dog, steer clear of the dog breeds in the first category. The second hound group of scent hounds may have some suitable options for you!

Beagle Personality Traits

There are some key personality traits that all Beagles share.


Beagles are one of the friendliest dog breeds. They love people and get on well with other animals too!


Beagles are gentle dogs, which makes them great around kids.


Beagles are curious dogs. They’re always sniffing around, exploring their surroundings, and investigating anything that catches their interest.


Beagles are intelligent dogs. They’re quick learners and easy to train.


Beagles can be stubborn at times. They have a mind of their own and can be difficult to persuade to do something they don’t want to do!


Beagles are loyal dogs. They form close bonds with their family and are always ready to protect them.


Beagles are adaptable dogs. They can live in various environments and cope well with change.

10 Other Dog Breeds That Look Like Beagles

Here are ten other dogs similar to Beagles but with subtle or significant differences. This is in no particular order, so let’s get started!

1. Basset Hound

Basset Hound
Basset Hound

The basset hound is probably the breed that most resembles a beagle. A basset hound shares many physical characteristics, including short legs, long bodies, and droopy ears. Basset hounds are also known for their hunting skills, just like other scent hounds.

Basset hounds have thick bodies and are similar in markings to the Beagle. They seem like a thoughtful and intelligent breed, but they enjoy playing games. Obesity is a major problem for Basset hounds, so they must be carefully watched to maintain their health.

2. American Foxhound

American Foxhound
American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is another popular breed of a dog similar to beagles. They have a similar build and body shape and share the same hunting skills.

The American Foxhound is a hound dog breed that exhibits qualities similar to the Beagles. They are another member of the hound family, and like their greyhound relatives, they may require obedience training to keep them out of trouble. The Foxhounds were initially created as hunting dogs. They can be very laid-back at times, but they will unexpectedly get up and play with the kids or go outside for regular exercise or learn new games.

3. American English Coonhound

American English coonhound
American English coonhound

The American English Coonhound is another perfect breed of dog with a similar personality to a beagle. They have a similarly athletic build, body shape, and size and share the same hunting skills with the sense of smell.

This dog breed was created by crossing the English Foxhound with the Virginia Hound. The American English Coonhound is an energetic breed that loves to play fetch, go for long walks, or run alongside their human companion while jogging. These well-behaved dogs get along well with children.

4. Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie

The bearded collie is a herding dog that originates from Scotland. They’re larger than beagles, but they share many physical characteristics, including their shaggy coats and long ears.

Bearded Collies are gentle, loving, and loyal family dogs. They are intelligent and easily trained, but they need plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy. The giant breed loves to play fetch and often tries to herd children and other pets.

5. Bobtail

Bobtail Sheepdog
Bobtail Sheepdog

The Bobtail is a short-tailed sheepdog that originates from Germany. They’re comparable in size to beagles and have many of the same bodily features, such as shorter legs and long bodies.

Bobtails are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. They’re generally friendly and make fantastic family pets. They need plenty of exercises, though, so they’re not the best dog breed for people who live in apartments or tiny homes.

6. Carolina Dog

Carolina Dog
6. Carolina Dog

The Carolina dog is a feral dog first discovered in South Carolina. They’re about the same size as beagles, and they have many of the same physical features, such as their small legs and tall frames.

Carolina Dogs are intelligent and easily trained. They make excellent family dogs and are good with children. They need plenty of exercises, though, so they’re not the best breed for people who live in apartments or tiny homes.

7. English Foxhound

English Foxhound
English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a hunting dog that originates from England. They’re similar in size to beagles, and they share many of the same physical characteristics, including their short legs and long bodies.

English Foxhounds are intelligent and easily trained. They make great family dogs and are good with children. They need plenty of exercise, though, so they’re not the best dog breed for apartment living.

8. Harrier


The medium-sized, fun-loving Harrier hounds are known for their hunting capabilities and sweet dispositions. They share the Beagle’s charming features, such as its adorable face and soft velvet ears, although they are only slightly taller at 19 to 21 inches. They have the same lovely faces, velvety soft ears as the Beagle is renowned for and the typical hound sniffing out prey abilities.

The Harrier dog, like many hounds, is a pack animal that enjoys running and playing with other dogs for hours on end. The Harrier is loyal to its pack and loves it, canine or human. They are kindhearted dogs and are excellent for active families.

9. Dachshund


Dachshunds are small, long-bodied dogs originally bred in Germany to hunt rabbits, badgers, and other small animals. They come in three different coat varieties (smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired) and two different size varieties (standard and miniature).

Dachshunds are loyal, loving, and playful dogs that make great family pets. They’re intelligent and easily trained, but they can be stubborn sometimes. They require a lot of exercise, but they aren’t the greatest dog breed for individuals who live in flats or small houses because they don’t like to get their exercise.

10. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback
Rhodesian ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback is a large breed of hunting dog that originates from Zimbabwe for hunting foxes and other small animals. They’re similar in size to beagles, and they share many of the same physical characteristics, including their smaller legs and long bodies and short hair.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are intelligent and easily trained. They make good pets for the family members. They require exercise, though, so they’re not the best breed for people who live in apartments or small homes.

Bonus: Mixed Breed Dogs

Another good option for people looking for dogs that look like beagles is mixed breed dogs. Mixed dogs can have any combination of physical characteristics from their parents, so you never know exactly what you’ll get.

Mixed breeds are often just as intelligent and easy to train as purebred dogs. They are great family dog breeds and are usually good with children. They need plenty of exercise, though, so they’re not the best dog breed for people who live in tiny homes.

It is impossible to determine which genes a mixed breed dog receives from each parent, so if you have a dog that is a mix of a German Shepherd and a Beagle, it may be more Shepherd-like than Beagle-like.

Mixed breed dogs can be some of the most interesting pets to own. They can often combine characteristics from two or more different breeds, making them unique and unpredictable. One such mixed breed is the beagle pug mix.

Beagle pug mixes are known for being both friendly and playful. They are also relatively small dogs, so they don’t require a lot of space or exercise. This combination of traits can make them a great choice for families with smaller homes or for those who don’t have a lot of time to exercise their dog.

Final Words on Other Dogs like Beagles

Dogs that look like beagles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, and some even have shorter legs like the Beagle. But no matter what they look like outside, these dogs all share one common trait: they’re intelligent, loving, and make great family pets. So if you’re looking for a new furry friend, consider adopting one of these beautiful pups.

We hope this blog post helped you with your canine education and that you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions or would like to share your own experiences with these dogs, please comment below!


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