The Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix – A Unique Hybrid Dog

Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

The Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix is a hybrid dog that is a mix of two purebreds- the Great Pyrenees and the Beagle. This dog is known for being gentle, loyal, and intelligent. They are also great with children and other pets, making them a perfect addition to any family!

This hybrid dog is a relatively new breed, but they are quickly becoming a popular choice for families looking for a gentle and loving companion. They are powerful, vigilant, and well-mannered family pets with energetic lifestyles. They guard sheep flocks against predators on mountain tops. On the other hand, Beagle is an adorable family pet that loves to cuddle and is friendly in nature.

We’ll go through everything you need to know about this unique hybrid dog, the Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix, if you’re thinking of adding one to your family!

The Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

History of the Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

The Great Pyrenees is an ancient dog breed that was originally bred in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. These dogs were originally used as guard dogs for sheep and other livestock. The Beagle is also an ancient breed, originating in England where they were used for hunting rabbits and other small game.

It is not known exactly when or why the Great Pyrenees and Beagle were first bred together, but it is thought that the goal was to create a dog with the best qualities of both breeds. The Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix is a relatively new breed, but they are quickly becoming a popular choice for families looking for a gentle and loving companion.

Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix: The best Cross Breed

As a dog owner, I can tell you that great Pyrenees and beagles both are amazing dog breeds. But have you ever thought of cross-breeding these two dogs? It will be so interesting!

Crossbreeding a large-sized Great Pyrenees and a medium-sized dog of beagle breed is a popular choice among dog breeders, who seek to get an odd and rare combination of the best traits from parent breeds. The great Pyrenees are noted for their massive size and intimidating appearance, making them one of the strongest dog breeds.

On the other hand, the beagle is known for their outgoing, friendly nature. The great Pyrenees beagle mix is the embodiment of these two traits, making for a rare breed that is a truly unique and charming canine. They are unique and different from other dog breeds in many aspects.

What is the Appearance of the Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix?


The great Pyrenees are large-sized dogs reaching up to thirty inches in height while Beagles are medium-sized dogs of about fifteen inches in height. The height of their mix-breed ranges from twenty to twenty-five inches which depicts that the great Pyrenees beagle mix has inherited the height trait from the great Pyrenees through a dominant gene.

The thickness of Fur:

The hybrid has also inherited the medium-sized double coat of fur from the great Pyrenees.

Color of Fur:

When we talk about the color of the fur, great Pyrenees have usually one colored fur while the adorable beagles have three colors on their body. The mixed breeds also have tricolor, double-layered coats of hair on their body.

What is the temperament of the Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix?

The great Pyrenees were initially bred to guard sheep flock while beagles were to detect the wild small animals. Thus both the dog breeds are independent as well as stubborn in nature. The hybrid dog, the great Pyrenees beagle mix has inherited this trait of stubbornness from its parent breeds.

Overall, the mixed breed has a calm temperament and is affectionate in nature. Great Pyrenee’s beagle mix is friendly and has gentle nature.

Are Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix Lazy Dogs?

When they are young, they have a highly energetic lifestyle, but they may require mental stimulation and proper training to grasp their owner’s commandments. These hybrid dogs may become slightly lazy in their adulthood.

Do Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix Bark a lot?

The great Pyrenees are known for their barking habit because they are naturally guardian dogs. Beagles also bark a lot though they’re cute and innocent. Since both of the parent breeds bark, it is obvious that the beagle Pyrenees mix, the hybrid dogs will also have a potentially barking habit.

The Pyrenees beagle mix is a family dog breed, so the mixed breed doesn’t bark all the time to cause noise pollution. However, when they are left alone in the house, they’ll start barking with louder noise. It is because these dogs tend to develop separation anxiety whenever they’re left alone at home.

What Are the Energy Requirements of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix breed?

The Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix is a highly energetic rare breed. It requires daily exercise and activities that involve mental and physical efforts. It may be because of its parent breeds which require substantial activities for extended periods of time.

The beagle Pyrenees mix most probably needs a slow walk daily for at least one hour. You should also have an interactive playtime session with them for thirty minutes daily. The puppies are too much energy in their early phase of life and they’re naturally stubborn too. Hence, a lot of time and patience are required to train the great Pyrenees beagle mix.

They may require mental stimulation to learn your basic commandments. You may have to take proper dog training in order to train your puppies. When they’re properly trained, they can be friends with other animals too. You can also pair them with any other dog breed.

Maintenance Requirements

As far as the parent breeds are concerned, beagles are very low-maintenance dogs and do not require any special grooming techniques while the great Pyrenees require high maintenance. Now let’s see what are the maintenance requirements of the mixed breed.


The double coat fur is medium-sized in these hybrid dogs. Their hair needs to get regularly washed and cleaned like most dogs. Brush their hair at least once after two weeks. However, their hair is smaller than the great Pyrenees hence, the mixed breed doesn’t require high maintenance grooming skills.


Great Pyrenees beagle mix is a large-sized dog with an energetic lifestyle, so they require a large amount of nutritious food to fulfill their body needs. Feed them food that is rich in vitamins and proteins. These mixed breeds are very foodie. They eat a lot and hence are vulnerable to obesity.

Feed them the best dog food as recommended by veterinarian experts. This will help their body and mind to grow faster. Avoid changing foods often because it can lead to an allergic reaction in your dogs.

Life Span

The Pyrenees beagle mix has an expected lifespan of about twelve to fourteen years (12-14 years). Some of the breeding experts highly recommend cross-breeding between two different species as their cross will have lesser health issues as compared to any of its parent breeds. While some breeders say that cross-breeding can lead to serious health issues in the offspring as the diseases in two-parent dogs can superimpose on the puppy.

Health Issues:

  • Glaucoma and cataracts: Overuse of steroid medications can cause blindness in these mixed breed dogs.
  • Hip dysplasia: It is the slipping of the hip bone from its joint socket. It is highly painful and is corrected by surgery.
  • Skin allergies: These hybrid dogs are allergic to certain foods. This allergy can cause dermatitis if their food is not properly checked before feeding.
  • Heart issues: Take your dog to a licensed veterinarian for regular checkups.

What is the estimated price of Pyrenees beagle mix in the U.S?

This is a very rare breed because not many breeders cross-breed the two species, the Great Pyrenees and the beagles. So it is hard to find a mixed breed. Its price ranges from $400 to about $1200. However, the price can vary from area to area. I will recommend you adopt this breed from a shelter home (in case you’re lucky to find this rare breed).

Final thoughts:

The great Pyrenees are large-sized, intimidating dogs while beagles are medium-sized, friendly dogs. Their cross breed; the great Pyrenees beagle mix is a very rare breed. These dogs are calm, adorable, and friendly in nature. They become friends with kids very soon. You may find them a bit expensive but I assure you they’re worth the cost.


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