Why do beagles eat grass? And is it safe for a beagle to eat grass?

Beagle eating grass

Most dogs, not just beagles, like to eat grass. In this blog post, we will discuss why do beagles eat grass, if eating grass is safe for a Beagle, how to stop your Beagle from eating so much grass, and whether or not you should worry about it at all. 

A beagle might eat grass due to instinct, psychological issues such as boredom, stress, anxiety or to get your attention, like the taste, improve digestion, lack of fiber in the diet, or stomach problems, and if they feel they need to throw up

Why do beagles eat grass?

Your beloved beagle companion may have a taste for grass because of one or all the following reasons:

Dogs need roughage in their diet, and grass leaves are an excellent source of fibre. A lack of roughage can affect how well they digest food and pass stool, so you may find that your beagle eats more grass than necessary to make sure that he’s getting enough fibre.

Your dog might get bored with his regular dry kibble – eating plants could just be a way for him to add some variety into his daily routine! Green vegetables are also healthy for dogs, so this habit won’t hurt as long as there isn’t too much green stuff on their dish each day. However, most veterinarians do not think that the habit is dangerous. One small study of 49 dog owners whose dogs have regular access to grass found that 79% had eaten plants on at least one occasion.

Why do dogs eat grass then throw up?

This is thought to be a deliberate instinctive attempt to induce vomiting after they’ve swallowed something that makes them feel sick. Some dogs will suddenly eat grass like crazy to make themselves vomit if they have swallowed a dangerous substance that could harm them. In this case, the dog will try to eat as much grass as possible, as quickly as possible to induce vomiting.

If you catch your dog eating grass frantically and seems to have a normal bowel movement after vomiting, then he has probably gotten rid of whatever was bothering him. If he keeps retching and can’t throw up or is unable to stop eating the grass and is continuing to vomit though, it’s best that you see if the vet can help.

Is it safe for beagles to eat grass?

Beagles are omnivores, so it is safe for them to eat grass. Grass contains many nutrients and vitamins that a beagle could need – like beta carotene which provides vitamin A, iron which helps build healthy red blood cells in the body, and chlorophyll necessary for cellular respiration. In addition, some breeds of grass contain high levels of protein or fat acids (like calcium).

Beagles should not eat too much at once as this may cause stomach upset because their bodies might not have enough time to break down all those tough blades into digestible bits before passing through their digestive system. It’s also important that dogs drink plenty of water when they’re eating greens since vegetables can make stool more solid. However, grass and plants treated with fertilizers and pesticides can be harmful. Also, specific kinds of vegetation could cause harm to your dog. Be cautious as you walk the dog so he does not eat too much grass.

If in doubt always consult a qualified veterinarian.

How to stop beagles from eating grass?

If you live in an area where the grass is often treated with harmful pesticides you will need to ensure that your beagle cannot eat the grass.

  1. Keep your beagle on a leash so that they cannot help themselves to the grass cuttings or other toxic plants.
  2. Take your pooch on an urban adventure where there is likely to be grass for them to chew on.
  3. Train them to not eat grass by rewarding them with treats when they obey a particular command such as ‘leave it’. Practising this type of command will help you in many situations where your beagle will take something that doesn’t belong to them!
  4. Consider using a Halti style lead, which will help you control your dog’s movements much more closely.

Adjust your beagle’s diet may stop them from needing to eat grass

Beagles are typically fed a dry food diet, with some dogs being given additional treats and meal times. If your beagle has been eating their dog food too quickly or is having trouble maintaining the weight you may wish to consult a vet for advice on how best to adjust the feeding regime. A change of diet could also help if they have an upset stomach which might make them feel hungry all day long and need something other than dog food!

A varied healthy diet may stop your beagle craving grass

Adjusting your beagle’s diet should stop them from needing to chow down on the grass to get those missing nutrients.

You can read our post about what to feed your beagle here.

Final thoughts

If you can’t seem to figure out why your Beagle has been so interested in munching away at the green stuff lately, adjusting their diet may just do the trick. A change of diet could also help if they have an upset stomach. If you think it is diet-related rather than just boredom then a trip to your local vet may prove useful.

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