Are beagles good dogs?

Bonnie is a lemon beagle

Beagles are a breed of dog that is very popular in the United States. They are well known for being good family dogs, but do beagles make good pets? Are beagles good indoor dogs? Is a beagle a good family dog? Are beagles good dogs? These are all questions we will explore in this blog post!

As beagles are naturally friendly, they get along well and are happy to play with other pets and kids. They have a healthy attitude and even temperament that makes them good family dogs. As a member of the hound family, they prefer company, however, if left alone, are prone to howl and be destructive, beagles need plenty of walks and mental stimulation.

About the beagle dog breed

Beagles are an old breed that dates back to the 16th century. The beagle breed is hunting hounds and was initially used for hunting and rabbit hunting and other small animals.

In 1885, beagles were recognized by The American Kennel Club and are part of their hound group.

They are small, compact, yet sturdy dogs that make great family pets. Beagles love to be active and require a lot of exercise to stay healthy.

An average beagle stands between 13 and 18 inches high at the shoulder. They are covered in a short, smooth coat, typically tan or brown with white markings on their chest, legs, feet, and muzzle.

Beagles have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, making them great hunting dogs.

Beagles are known for being energetic yet love cozy up and sleep with their human family!

Beagles mix well with other dogs to create specific designer breeds, such as the Beagle Pug Mix.

This Beagle Pug mix is the perfect dog for families. They are great with children and make excellent companions. They are also very active and love to play fetch.

Do beagles make good family dogs?

What makes a good family dog? To answer that, we need to pay attention to some of the traits that make a good family dog. In our experience this comes down to;

  1. Character
  2. Training
  3. Exercise
  4. Socialization
  5. Grooming
  6. Noise

Let’s have a look at each one of these areas in regard to a beagle.

1. Beagle Character

Beagles are also good with kids. They usually tolerate children’s play and enjoy being around their family members most of the time. As with any dog, you should ensure that children are supervised around your beagle.

Beagles need to be walked and mentally stimulated daily. They are bred to have an excellent sense of smell, so they will enjoy taking adventures outdoors and investigating new scents. If you don’t like walking your dog, this is not the breed for you.

Beagles are curious, loving animals that make terrific family dogs. But because of their playful and energetic nature, beagles require lots of attention and exercise.

A house full of people and constant play companions is ideal for most beagles. The beagle is a curious, loving, and friendly dog breed that is happy-go-lucky and loyal.

Notable beagle characteristics

  • Socialable
  • Friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Small/medium compact size
  • Versatile
  • Stubborn
  • Easy to train (with treats and lots of patience)
  • Scent driven
  • Food-motivated

2. Training a beagle

Beagles are known to be stubborn and difficult to train. They tend to want their way and can easily be distracted by outside stimuli, which makes it hard for them to focus on training sessions. Beagles usually need a consistent owner to get the most out of their role as family pets.

As beagles are usually very food-driven, they are easier to train using a variety of treats and rewards. They need positive reinforcement for successful training, so it is best to use no negative reinforcements or corrections, as this can cause the dog to have fear-based behaviors around the owner instead of an obedient response.

This breed needs consistent routines set in place so that they understand and know the expectations for their behavior. Generally, you should try and train your beagle every day for the best long-term results.

The training process for a beagle will take longer than most other breeds, but it is worth it because of the joy and companionship this breed can offer as part of your family. They are usually very loving to those around them and want to please their owners, which makes them easier to train (with plenty of treats).

You can read our post about training a beagle here.

3. How much exercise do beagles need?

If you are an active family that loves to spend time walking, then beagles make great family dogs. Beagles are playful and energetic, so they must be walked daily. 

If you are an active family that loves to spend time walking, then beagles make great family dogs. Beagles are playful and energetic, so they must be walked daily.

As a rule, we walk our two beagles twice a day. The only exception is if it is too hot outside or sub-zero, as these conditions can cause discomfort to any dog.

Our exercise routine involves a short walk of about 2-3 miles, then a longer 5+ miles. Depending on our schedule, we prefer to do the longer walk at the end of the day, preparing our beagles and us for a good night’s sleep!

The amount of exercise a beagle needs will also come down to the individual dog. For example, Baylee gets tired on walks over 5 miles, whereas Bonnie can walk all day!

We are fortunate that both my wife and I are home workers, and our work is flexible enough to walk our beagles when we need it.

Not all people are as fortunate as we are and may not have the time. However, if you are to have a beagle, then you will need to have at least one good walk per day or consider hiring a dog walker, asking a friend, or a different dog breed, or perhaps if you are not home much at all then maybe a dog is not a good idea at all.

You can read our post about how much exercise a beagle needs here.

4. Socialization – are beagles social?

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs and are part of the hound family. Therefore they naturally pack animals, which means dogs that like to be around other animals or people.

Beagles are naturally social in interacting with others of their breed. They tend to bond well with people as family members if raised from being puppies.

5. Grooming

Beagles have double coats, which means that the topcoat is short while sleek, glossy hair protects it from rain and snow. Their undercoat is also soft but not long. This, combined with their lack of shedding, makes them one of the easier breeds to groom.

Beagles shed hair regularly, but as the dog is short-haired, the grooming process will not be very time-consuming. Beagles shed moderately all year long but more during springtime. But because of their relatively short fur, beagle shedding is less noticeable than other dogs with longer coats.

6. Noise – are beagles noisy?

Beagles have a distinct bay or howl that they would have used to communicate with other pack members when they’re out on the hunt. So, yes, beagles can make a lot of noise and are not always quiet dogs.

How much noise they make comes down to the individual dog. We have been fortunate that of all the beagles we have owned, none have been prone to bark too much.

The noise levels of your beagle will also depend on its environment and how much freedom they are given outside the home. If left alone in the backyard all day with no company or attention from their owner, they will try and get more attention by making noise.

Are beagles good house pets?

A beagle might not be the best choice of dog breed in small apartments and may develop behavioral issues when confined in a relatively small area for long periods.

Beagles need room to run around outside of their homes so they can burn off some energy throughout the day.

As scent hounds, they need the stimulation of an attractive scent to stay mentally stimulated.

Beagles will often chew on items around the home and dig holes in yards when bored.

They may become destructive if not given enough attention from their owners during these moments as they look for things to stimulate them.

Do beagles bark a lot?

A beagle has a distinctive ‘bay’ or bark designed to communicate with other hunting hounds in the area.

Barking doesn’t usually occur during times of activity, but rather when they’re bored or lonely and looking for companionship with their owners or they have picked up a particularly strong scent and want to let everyone know what they have found!

Beagles also tend to howl or bark loudly when left alone for long periods.

A young beagle pup might bark when playing with other pups or kids, but it’s generally quiet enough not to be an issue.

Is a beagle the right choice for a first-time dog owner?

A beagle can be difficult for a first-time dog owner to take care of. Beagles are powerful, stubborn animals that need a lot of exercise and attention. They can be destructive or frustrated if they don’t get the necessary exercise and mental stimulation.

They will need regular walks, lots of attention, playtime in the yard or inside their home (they prefer both), plenty of opportunities for exercise and

Beagles can be very difficult to train. They require patience and a proper balance of gentle corrections, praise, rewards, and exercise to teach them what you want them to do.

That being said, there is lots of information on the internet about the beagle breed, so if you like the idea of a beagle, do your research, prepare yourself, make sure you have the time and patience, and with the right family and environment a beagle will become your best friend and companion.

Pros of owning a beagle

6 Reasons why beagles are good pets

  • Great family pet and comfortable with children
  • Even character and personality
  • Love to walk; high energy level keeps you fit and healthy!
  • Compact size for a family pet, like a Biewer Terrier
  • Generally sociable and friendly towards other dogs
  • A short coat that doesn’t shed too much

Cons of owning a beagle

6 Reasons why beagles might not be a good fit for you

  • Beagles like food (understatement) can lead them to do mischievous things
  • An intense nose/sense of smell can lead them astray, making it hard to get them to come back
  • Need lots of exercise/walks and mental stimulation
  • Some beagles like to bark a lot
  • Stubborn, a beagle will only do what it wants to do unless there is food in exchange!
  • Beagles can easily gain a lot of weight if allowed to eat whatever they want.

Beagle dog breed pictures

We adore our two beagles; they are an important part of our family and go almost everywhere we go. Below are a few pictures of our beagle, Baylee, on adventures with my wife and me.


A beagle can make a great addition to your family if you have the time and patience. For them to thrive, they need an active owner who will provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. As long as these requirements are met, there is little chance that this breed will cause any issues or problems in a household with children or other pets. If you’ve researched Beagles and feel confident it would work out well for you, we encourage you to get one! Just remember that not all dogs are created equal, so do what feels right for YOU when deciding which type of dog best suits your lifestyle.


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